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Message from Justice Wajihuddin


Honorable Justice Wajihuddin Ahmad has requested the public to share their suggestions for any peaceful steps/tactics/ways that could help make the movement for restoration of rule of law more effective.

Creative and innovative yet rational and practical ideas, focusing to spread the message to masses, giving the movement some momentum, getting maximum people of all colours of community involved, keeping in view the hurdles on the way, will be really appreciated.

Please post your suggestions here as comments. These will be compiled and sent to HJWA for consideration in their meetings with other leaders of the movement.

In a statement to Pakistan Politics, Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, has disclosed that it has been communicated to him indirectly that the leadership of the lawyers movement for the restoration of the judiciary and rule of law, is likely to become the next target for elimination, by the same anti-state, anti-democracy elements that were responsible for Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

He appeals to all Pakistanis to join him in his prayers for the safety of members of the lawyer community, and the future of Pakistan.


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Prince Muqrin Will Fix It

Extraordinary Rendition 

Praise be to God, who created Aramco, CENTCOM, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, British Aerospace and Halliburton, to sustain the Kingdom and provide for the faithful. Salutations to the Creator, who blessed us with Monaco, Monte Carlos, Marbella, and Aspen, Colaroado, so that the faithful can have their holidays. God protect the faithful from the evils of Iran, Hezbollah, Israel, woman drivers, parliamentary democracy, free press, renewable energy and high cholesterol. More...


Nawaz Sharif

Resistance Art and Literature

JDP is pleased to inform its readers that we are starting this new feature of resistance poetry, art and literature. We shall try to bring to you notable efforts on a regular basis. Please send us material, you think should be included. Below is a Punjabi poem by Dr Mohammad Ayub. This is in the memory of Nazir Abbasi, who was martyred resisting the tyranny of Zia ul Haq More...


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CJ refuses to vacate his residence as govt serves a notice


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....and he puts fuel on the fire





The Fatal Eructation

Transcultural Dialogues VII

Brig. (Retd.) Witless Cheema: Good news sir ji, we have solved the case. The cause of death was injudicious burping.  

General (Retd.) Tipot: Have you gone completely insane Witless? The country is on fire, the Americans are shouting at me, down the telephone. The stock market is in ruins, the ISI is running scared, in fear of their lives, just because you could not handle a simple press conference, and now you come up with this crazy theory about the cause of death. what have I done to deserve you? More...

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A Fishy Character - Rehman Malik

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Benazir Lives

by Hakim Hazik

Benazir will live for ever in the hearts of millions of Pakistanis. Like her father, she had two outstanding attributes, unmatched by any Pakistani politician: Universal appeal and personal courage.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was able to reach out to all sections of (West) Pakistani society. His appeal transcended class, provincial, linguistic, ethnic and religious divisions. He was able to inspire international leaders, and rural peasants, with equal ease. The lasting devotion that he earned, however, was from the Pakistani working class. He was the first national politician to give them hope, inspiration and realisation that that things could improve. Although People’s Party abandoned it’s socialist agenda, fairly early on, the Pakistani working class has never given up it’s allegiance to the Bhutto name, and it’s loyalty to his party. More...

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Zardari, Balawal & Amin Faheem-Press Conference

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"Failed state" Pakistan raises nuclear threat