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Tanscultural Dialogues III

A Job for Shortcut:  


President No Clue (Jr.): Hi Shortcut, I am afraid, Citibank are in trouble because of the sub prime loans, and may not be able to have you back.  

(Fmr.) Prime Minister Shortcut: Surely you can’t let this happen, Mr. President, to an American who is doing his patriotic duty?  

P: I have to say Shortcut, the boys in Langley and the Sate Department had to work pretty damn hard to get you a Pakistani passport, a suitable life history that would stand up to the background checks and installing you in Islamabad. And what have we got in return? Rising anti-Americanism, the Taliban juggernaut ready to reach Kahuta in two weeks and the high value targets still at large. And now we have to find you another job.   More...

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Transcultural Dialogues II

High Value Targets Apprehended: 

General (Retd.) Tinpot: Congratulations Mr. President, after years of dedicated and backbreaking surveillance work, with the grace of Almighty and with the help of our allies we have arrested the two most wanted criminals in the War Against Terror.   

President No Clue (Jr.): Jesus alive, have you nailed Bin Laden and Zawahiri? 


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Transcultural Dialogues


GB: Have you taken leave of your senses? You were asked to play ball with Musharraf and you are asking him to step down? 

BB: You don’t know Mr President, he in thrall of this vicious terrorist organisation, Q League. These enemies of democracy attacked my welcome party in Karachi, crushed my rally in Rawalpindi and killed my historic long march uprising in Lahore. They are more dangerous than Al Qaida, Abu Nidal and Abu Sayyaf combined. They are headed by the Chaudhries of Gujrat, a town more dangerous than Tikrit. There was no choice Mr President.   More...

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