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Bannu and Bastille

Extraordinary Rendition

Hakim Hazik


Felicitations to the Ummah and Ramzan (Ramadan) mubarak (karim). The forces of the Ummah have won a famous victory in DI Khan. 


It required careful co-ordination between the Div Commanders, the IG Police, the Home Minister and the Chief Election Commissioner. All the foreign impartial observers who were monitoring were of the opinion that the raid was free and fair. The valiant fighters were granted the off roaders, the RPGs, the martyrdom vests and the automatic assault guns in amounts and quality compatible with, if not exceeding, the international standards.


There are always people, especially the fifth column on the media who would want to cast aspersions on the achievements of the Ummah. Granted, there was some violence but it has to be seen in the context of the international geo-politics. Having said that, the casualties were limited. Five people were beheaded after due process of law. They were given a fair trial lasting three minutes each by the field commander and senior judge, Umar Khitab, (Gandapur Group). 


Five misguided police men who took up arms against this peace mission were shot. The rest of the Elite Forces cadres were sensible and understood the peaceful intentions of the TTP. They took shelter in manholes and sewage drains. May Allah SWT give them reward in this world and the next. 


The whole Ummah can therefore take pride in this tremendous achievement. Messages of congratulations have been pouring in from the world community. President Obama has sent a special envoy to emphasize the long and enduring relationship between the two nations (of the USA and Waziristan). 


The fall of the DI Khan prison has few parallels in history. The only true comparison is the fall of Bannu and before that, of Bastille which unleashed forces of revolution across the world. This epoch making event has also fired the imagination of revolutionaries from Somalia to Yemen and from Diyala Province to Arakan. Allah be praised. 


The commander of the faithful, the rightly guided caliph of the Ummah, Imran Khan, has rushed back to Wana where he has received a tumultuous welcome. Addressing a gathering of the adoring masses and the three surviving maliks from the martyrdom missions, he said that this war is not our war. He also said that Mumtaz Qadri has been misunderstood just as Adolf Hitler was misunderstood before him. He should be released from prison and allowed to return to his peacetime vocation of shooting people in the back. 


Kudos have also be heaped upon Pervez Khatak for his contribution to peace in a troubled region. Apart from attending the marriage parties of his kith and kin on the helicopter provided by the taxpayer, he oversaw the whole DI Khan peace mission. As a result, all the events were carefully rehearsed the day before, so that everything went without a hitch on the day. 


The two Div Commanders have emerged from the sewage drains in the early hours to eat sahri and reap the bounties of Ramzan (Ramadan). 


May Allah give them the best of rewards. 


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