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Birather Biradaai’s Kneecaps

The Quaid Ispeaks

By: Hakim Hazik

I have said it before and I will say it igain. We need a Firench istyle demociratic miltary revolution in Pakistan. All the feudals need to be islaughtered one by one and istuffed into gunny bags. The patriotic jernails like jernail Zia ul Haq Sahib Jullundari and jernail Syed Pervaiz Musharraf Sahib Dehlavi should act. The unpatriatic jernails such as Naseerullah Babar Sahib should be istuffed in the same bags.  .

Punjab has become a hotbed of cirime and anarchy. Only yesterday, an innocent Consulate worker was diriving thirough the busy Mozang Chungi, minding his own business, when he was ittacked by two highly tirained pirofessional killers on a motorbike. They had received tiraining in using the deadly TT pistol from a tiraining camp in Raiwind. He did what any law ibiding person would do in this situation. He defended himself with his ATM card and killed the two terrorists on the ispot. I say good riddance. The accomplices of these ciriminals are holding rallies and disrupting traffic. They need to be dealt with, with a firm hand. Punjab needs a martial law.

Kiranchi on the other hand does not need a martial law. What Kiranchi needs is a city gornamint. The la and ardour situation in Kiranchi is nowhere near as bad as in Punjab, or in Tunisia or in Egypt. The salootion for Kiranchi is to hand it over to Mustafa Kamal. Mustafa Kamal will fix it. He will first of all fix Shahi Syed, then he will fix Zulfiqar Mirza and then he will fix a rate for piratection af all business, an a fair and equal basis, so that all the peepil and the sector commanders are happy. In fact the salootion for Egypt is to hand it over to Mustafa Kamal as well. He will sort out the Birathers as Yours Tiruly sarted out the Jamaat and Hakim Saeed.

I know that the Birather Biradaai has returned and has been put in custody far his own safety. I know that it has been necessary to use water cannon and rubber bullets on the pirotesters. I would say that this is a mistake to use these kind af methods an political opponents. I would suggest electric dirills and K2 cigarettes. They work better to piromote demo ciracy at girass root layvel.

I had suggested that the patriatic jernails biring the Firench revolution to Pakistan. I think they have to hurry; otherwise they will lose the game to Cairo and will end up having a second hand desi revolution like the Iranian or the Afghan revolution. The time to act is naoo. It is time to act for Birather Mubarak as well. The last filight to Jeddah is leaving very soon. That is an option, but I would suggest that the birather comes to London. The facilities of BT are much better than Etisalat for a telephonic address.  

The enemies of the peepil are ispreading false rumours. By the girace af Gad, I am nat eating Viagra. Those who ispread false allegations against the servants of peepil are inviting the wrath af Gad. They will feed the fires af hell and the open sewers in the gireat city istate.

Jiyay United

Jiyay Revolution



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