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Epitaph On A Tyrant

Tinpot And Crumbly Lotas: 

Musharraf has left the army. He should pray that the army will leave him to rule. We think it is unlikely. 

We believe that this is the beginning of the end for Musharraf. The whole edifice will come crumbling down in near future. First to crack will be his coterie of Lotas. Chaudhry Lota will not be making protestations of electing him ten times. Lota Durrani will soon lose his oily smile. Arbab Lota Raheem will not be slapping and abusing journalists. In fact he should get a good lawyer to defend himself against charges of assault. Lota Sher Niazi’s roar will become a whimper. Lota Sheikh of Lal Haveli’s istikharas will become off the mark. Mushahid Hussein Lota may find that the Armani does not have the sex appeal of the khaki after all. Wasi Lota should be worried about his itchy gonads being detached from him altogether.

In fact with Musharraf out of the uniform, Nawaz Sharif back in the country, Benazir flip-flopping, Imran having torn up his papers, lawyers fired up, judges standing firm, media baying for blood, the power equation has changed.

Q league may suffer a melt down. MQM would be well advised to do some navel-gazing of their own. MMA may soon cleave with Jamaat joining Nawaz and Imran.  

Musharraf has had a great ability to shoot himself in the foot and does so with monotonous regularity. Remember Kargil? Mukhtaran Mai? Dr Shazia Khalid? 'Rape is money making concern in Pakistan'? Akbar Bugti? Chief Justice? Lal Masjid? He is the least distinguished of our undistinguished military tyrants. Moderately enlightened, moderately literate, moderately sane, often ridiculous. 

When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter, 
And when he cried the little children died in the streets.

It is likely that we won’t have to suffer the aziz hamwatan for very much longer. He would be well advised to have a C-130 cleaned up (swept for mines and mangoes), at Chaklala. He may be tempted to stay for a while with Bilal in LA. We would advise against that. There is many a pesky lawyer in LA, who would love to take him to court, with the option of  sending stormtroopers to plead his case unavailable. Turkey is still the better option. The price of apartments in Kusadasi is going up, better make a deposit now. 


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