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God, Qazi Anwar and I

Extraordinary Rendition


By: Hakim Hazik

We don’t need bread, we need ideology.  We don’t need a country, we need a religion. We don’t want our children to go to school, get qualifications and live in prosperity. We want them to go to the madrassa, learn to recite the qaida with gentle rocking movements, become pious servants of the Ummah and explode in street corners.

The world is too materialistic. We do not want to be slaves of this material world. We do not want to be a part of this world of gross domestic product, current account balance and macroeconomic indicators. We want to live in the world of dreams, visions and mystery. Has anybody bothered to measure the GDP of spiritual well being? Do we know the per capita offering of namaz? Do we need to give tax relief on the export of ideology?

The pursuit of the material well being of the citizens is the way of the infidels. The way of the Ummah is to look after the spiritual well being of its citizens, so that when they achieve martyrdom due to starvation, malnutrition and living in filth, they are guaranteed a place of everlasting peace and tranquillity in the hereafter. Our blessed Republic is not about here and now. It is about eternity and life everlasting. This is our national aspiration as enshrined in the Objective Resolution in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Cloud Cuckoo land.

Fortunately the highest court in the land is very aware of the determination of the nation, to live according to its ideology. It takes a very dim view of the pathetic attempts of the non sadiq and non amin members of the parliament, to undermine our ideology. This cannot be allowed to happen. After consultation with God and Supreme Court Bar Association, the court will disallow any attempts to interfere with the basic structure of our ideology, which is based on purity of spirit, goodness of heart, pleasing thoughts of grandeur, a minimal nuclear deterrent and IMF bailout package.

It is our great good fortune that the court is composed of servants of God. It is only answerable to itself and God. It is not answerable to the parliament which consists of liars and cheats, with fake degrees, who represents people with very little education. How can these brutes be allowed to ride roughshod over the eternal principle of the supremacy of ideology. Parliaments will come and go, but ideology will remain. It is indestructible.

We can allow our children to die in streets, we can allow our soldiers to be beheaded with breadknives, but we cannot and will not compromise on our ideology. Our beliefs are precious to us. They reflect a thousand years of our glorious history. We believe in the right to own agricultural land with no limits. We believe in the sanctity of free market. We believe in hydel power. We believe in kunda system.

We will march forward into the brave new world with no fear in our hearts. God is with us as is Qazi Anwar. Parliament is a shambles. Bar council reigns supreme.

Glory glory hallelujah.


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