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It Is No Use Crying Over Spilt Diyat


Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik

Blessing af God be an Chairman Saab, Shriek Chairman Saab and on the jiyalas and jiyalis of the patty. Curse of Gad an shaitan Zia ul Haq, Raymond Davis, Terry Jones and the Taliban and their spoaters. Lamdoolillah, the kleeshan has finished three years in Salamabad. Shriek Chairman has succeeded where lesser men had failed. This in spite af the canspiracy af the state actors and nan state actors; plitical actors and nan plitical  actors. One lakh times lamdoolillah.

Kuddoos must be paid to Miansab; and to some extent Shbazsab. Between their life in Park Lane and BMWs in the fast lane, they have let the tanga of democracy ply on the canstitution avenue. Choinisar sometimes bucks and rears but does nat bolt and does nat upset the finely balanced jamhoori tanga; so kuddoos to him as well.

Quaid e Telephoon is dancing to the tune af Raag Aabpara. This is a dangerous game. He has faced the music before. When the Raag Aabpara starts, Raag Babri can nat be far behind. Sir ji, you taak af revolution by the patriatic journals. Was Nasaeerullah Babar nat a patriatic journal?  You want the music to be same to same? Ten thousand killed in Karachi as you say?

Mran Khan is phooning Quaid e Telephoon. Nawab Din is asking me, what bout the laa soot in London High court? Has it been withdrawn becaaz Mran is also joining the Aabpara Gharana? I am nat saying anything.

To tell you the truth sir ji, to tell you the taak af the inside, I am laughing. Nawab Din is laughing, Apan Sughran is laughing. I am laughing so hard that my belly button is shaking. Keem Sahib calls it a guffa. I am laughing at Mran Khan, Ansar Basi and Maulvi Munawwar Sun. My brathers, I have only one message far you: suck more sugar canes. This is what happens when you ride an the high horse af ghairat, till Aabpara gharana pulls the charpai.

My brathers, you are the only three peepal left in the country who have ghairat. The rest of them believe that Islam is a complete code af life and offers a remedy for ghairat as well. It is called diyat.  In this hamam, my brathers every bady is naked. Fasad fil Arz will nat cover your backsides. If you want to hang Maloon Raymond Davis far that offence, why are you ringing Quaid e Telephoon?  Hain ji? You may find your own shirt callar tightening around your ghairat mand neck. Who will save you then sir ji? Not the Aabpara Gharana, I can tell you. They will have taken their diyat and their military attaché postings and their deputations in Fort Laaderdale.

If I was in your place, I would take my diyat and run. Do you think that we can fire our minimal strategic deterrent and wipe out our five thousand year old civilisation and more impatantly, our Defence Cloonies, just becaaz af Maloon Raymond Davis? Take some nails af camman sense. It is no use crying over spilt diyat.

Your brather

Mumd Jungeer Badar

Secty Journal



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