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Jalozai National Park

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

Other people have places like Ellis Island where the dispossessed of the world disembarked and were given a new beginning, a new hope and a new life. We have Jalozai where the our Afghan, Turkmen, and Tajik brothers arrived in wave after wave, to be given food, shelter, new hope, new domicile certificates, new national identity cards, new Kalashnikovs, new indoctrination and a new purpose in life.

There are few places on the planet where the best and the brightest of the Ummah mixed so freely and with such joy and with such momentous results. The great teachers and reformists such as Hazrat Abdullah Azzam, Hazrat Osama bin Laden and Hazrat Aiman al Zawahiri made it their second home and helped shape the lives of so many young men who have distinguished themselves across the world. Seldom in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few.

Many of these intrepid young soldiers of Islam have ended up on the executioner’s block in the Holy Land, having indentified markets with desperate shortage of high quality heroin. Many have met their shahadat in sealed containers at the Iranian border. A large number have been buffeted by harsh winds in the south seas, and not allowed to land by the Australians while circumnavigating the planet, in a spirit of pure adventure. They have achieved everlasting glory in the annals of the Ummah for their enterprise and bravery.

In its heyday, Jalozai was visited by iconic figures such as Mr. Brzezinski, who represented God and the Carter administration and promised total support of both for the Jihad effort. In the golden days of jihad, you could buy a Stinger missile by the road side, in addition to Japanese Shampoos and Russian tyres and air conditioners at bargain price. This was a golden age for the Ummah, the like of which had never been seen since the Abbasid efflorescence.

Once this awakening became widespread, it acted like a beacon to attract stalwarts like Tahir Yeldeshev of Uzbek Islamic movement, Shaheed Rashid Rauf of the transatlantic martyrdom plan and Ilyas Kashmiri of the 313 Brigade. These legendary figures define the ascendency of Ummah over the powers of darkness and over International Zionism.

 Regrettably, Jalozai was closed and the land marks of national heritage were bulldozed in 2009. The last of the Afghan brothers, except who had the NADRA cards were asked to leave for Afghanistan, (three in total). This was a terrible loss. It is incumbent upon us as a nation that we should preserve this national monument. A fitting tribute to the endeavour of the whole Ummah would be to convert it into a national park and make it a sanctuary for the Siberian crane, where it can descend on its migratory route and be promptly eaten by the faithful. This should continue till the species is extinct (three specimens remaining).

This is the only way to demonstrate that we are a living nation.

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