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Jihad is Many a Splendored Thing





Extraordinary Rendition

Hakim Hazik


Nakedness and obscenity is spreading through the neighbourhoods. This will bring down the state and destroy the our society as the family values are ruthlessly uprooted, women come out on the streets with uncovered faces, and our ulema who are the guardians of these age old values are regularly insulted. 


It is clearly written in all the holy books that virtuous women should remain quiet if faced with the assault and rape. They should quietly go to prison for the greater good of the Ummah. If they make a hue and cry about it, it will lead to chaos and breakdown of social mores. It may allow the foreign and anti Ummah organisations such as CIA, MOSSAD and Code Pink to infiltrate our society and destroy our virtue and honour, as they have long sought to do.


As a society, we have long been sleep walking into debauchery and vulgarity. If it was not for the stalwarts like Syed Drone ul Ummat, the undisputed leader of all the faithful, the standards which uphold the society would have collapsed and many a women would have escaped the protective confines of the Kot Lakhpat refuge and played havoc with the morality of pious men, leading to social breakdown. 


Provocative bill boards are everywhere. On them, bare faced women, with shiny teeth, promote various brands of infidel toothpaste causing despondency and self hatred amongst our youth. At the first opportunity we get, our youth force will spray black paint on them and bring this shamelessness to an end. 


Instead, we will promote bare feet children collecting plastic bottles from the rubbish heaps. Plastic is the cornerstone of the Ummah and the bedrock of the society. We should recycle it where ever possible and reuse it to gain rewards in this world and in the hereafter. We know that many bare feet children are also recycled in this noble effort, but that will have been for a good cause. 


The place of a woman is in the harem and in the kitchen. Those who defy this custom will face the full power of the divine law as formulated by the divine authorities such as General Mustache ul Haq, the father of the nation and Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, the father in law of the nation. 


Those women who blacken the face of the Ummah by working in McDonalds are betraying their own community and centuries of holy custom and binding tradition. They should be at home looking after the children till they are old enough to go for jihad on a toyota Hi-Ace waving their Kalashnikovs. 


Jihad is many a splendored thing. It can allow pre pubertal boys to pull the martyrdom cord and be with the blessed seventy two virgins in the blinking of an eye. If you are a mere women dedicated to the preaching of jihad, you need not despair. You can get the Canadian immigration and stop infamy and debauchery from spreading in the Greater Toronto area. There are a lot of bill boards to spray black paint on, in Mississauga. 


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