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Journals and Al-Qaida

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik

I think so that Afzal Sindhu’s brain has gone falty. He is saying that I have eaten bribe fram Sui’s Suthren Gas. He is saying that Shriek Chairman has money in Suiss Bank.  I am saying to you, fram A to Z, it is a lie. No no, I don’t mean that brather AZ is a lie. He is af course the Shriek Chairman and the pazident af the nation, and I am his best brather and chief dvisor. I spoat him and he spoats me.

I will tell you, that like him I have eaten beatings fram the journals. But, sir ji I have nat eaten bribe. I sometimes have gas in my stomach, but it is nat Sui gas. It feels like a cannon ball and sometimes it rises fram my stomach and climbs an my head. But sir ji, I have nat thrown cannon balls on the Sui gas fields, like the journals. I did nat kill Nawab Bugti Saab. I like Nawabs. Nawab Din halwai is my best friend inside Choona Mandi. I will take raan to Nawab Talpur Saab on Bakreed. He is also angry becaaz af the stupid dam fool list.

Between you and me, I think so it is the journals who are playing these games. Nat the thief and policeman games in Waziristan, but the NRO games, the video games on TV channels, the MQM games. Nawab Din says it a slate of hand. It a different slate fram the one I use to teach Inglush to the Shriek Chairman. Sometimes I find it a bit confusing.

Did you see the sapeach of the Shriek Chairman on Mazaray Kaday Yazam? Naoo this was a real hart to hart taak. This was nat a slate af hand. Spose if Shriek Chairman gets the marching ardour, who do you think will come in, marching left right? Don’t be a choocha sir ji. It won’t be Miansab. It won’t be Mran Khan. It will be the journals sir ji, marching left right and their friends in Al Qaida with their video messages perdoosed in the PTV and Mullah Umar winking his good eye. Dupattas on TV and Jihad in the world. Jiyalas in prison and heroin on ships.

You can nat run before you can waak. You can nat read the journals, before you read Al Qaeda.

Look haoo they aperate. Fust they let Brig. Cat out af the bag. Then they tack Kerry Saab and Luger Saab. Then radio Nine Zero FM starts bradcasting national sangs. The Kamran Khan taaks Qiamat Sugrhaan an the TV. It is making all respansible peepal worried. I am worried. Apa Sughraan inside Choonamandi is worried. Nawab Din Halwai is worried. I am feeling the gas.

I am very paleased that Miansab under satands. He is world level satatesman like me. He is nat a lover af journals like Shbazsaab and Chory Nisar. That is why he is taaking saftly saftly and nicely nicely.

I will send him a raan as well.


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