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Kerry Saab’s and Luger Saab’s Bill

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik

Naoo taak. Look what flower Kiyani has caused to bloom. I was thinking the wits of the fauj had come back to their place, after eating beating by Taliban. Nat so. We have all eaten fraad. You can bury the dog’s tail for one year or farty years, it will not become satraight.

And look at the core commanders as well. At least they should have eaten some shame. But no. The first chance they get, they tack Shriek Chairman. Look at the bravery of their eyes. They are saying, parliyament should decide. Are you the maternal uncles of parliyament? They are saying they spoat damo cracy. I say my foot and other bady organs. Do they nat know that damo cracy means that fauj keep their mouth shut? That fauj takes ardors from the gormint and nat give ardors?

All those farty years that they have ruled the country, they have eaten money fram Mercans. Naoo, when Shriek Chairman’s tam has come to milk the Mercans, Kiyani Saab has got the fleas. I know what is eating him. If tomarrow he was given a fust class tickut to Fort Ladderdale, and one and a half billion to the fauj with no aadit, he will farget all savranity shavranity.

And then there is Miansab and Chory Nisar as well. Chory Saab is getting all hot and cold in the sembly. But Miansab has crassed the limt. Far the past ten years he has been shouting bloody murder to fauj interfering. Every day he gets up and recites Chatter of Damo Cracy, ninety nine times, by heart before blowing over himself and Kulsum Bhabi far blessing. And then what he does? Kiyani smiles at him in private and he goes all patriatic and starts singing qaumi tarana.

Have you seen haoo the media is going after Sain Qani? Naoo he is an ambassador who is intelligent and sapeaks good Inglush like me. If you are asking me, I think so that the all our journalists are jealous of him. Here they are, writing columns in Urdu newspapers, coming to the affice on their motor sackles with pitrol always on reserve. And here he is, a camman man fram katchi basti in Karachi, taaking Inglush to President Bama and Mrs. Clinton. That is what makes the bady hair of our ankers burn slowly.

Actually, between you and me, I think so it is nothing to do with savranity. I think so it is nothing to do with Muridke or Quetta, or Lashkar or Hafiz Saeed. Kiyani Saab will take a tank and level Muridke if he has to do it himself. It is all to do with the fauj making saloot to the civeelians. In Kiyani Saab’s book, civeelians are the worse than animals.

What they can nat accept is that when tomarrow they sack the civeelians on charges of corruption, they can nat just walk into the Presidency and play the qaumi tarana before they dress the nation on TV. Because the Mercans will cut the aid and the Arbis will farget Slamic brotherhood and will nat give them oil on charity.

This is why they are getting stomach pains on Kerry Saab’s and Luger Saab’s bill. But  serious paliticians like your brather can see through the hole tamasha.

Lamdoo Lillah.



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