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Letter to the Queen


23rd of May, 2012

HRH Queen

Any Royal Residence

The World Over


Dear Ma'am


Hope you and Uncle Phil enjoy good health. I pray that he has recovered from his heart scare and now back again to his fighting fit ways, with the lot of us lot bearing the brunt of his jokes. I honestly have to admit that political correctness has taken things to such an extreme that humour now is non existent in what once used to be  a great country.


Anyway, to business matters. I had the honour of seeing sister Anne at the Calcutta Cup match this February. I was standing a polite 10 yards away as suggested by the security guy and have to admit that I did smile in her direction without getting any back. Maybe it is her protocol that does not allow that or maybe herself. 


Anyway I was wondering whose side you are on when the home nations meet. I have had this discussion with many a people who assure me of your impartiality and good judgement in such tricky matters. I however believe that given you are the Duchess of Edinburgh and your late mother being a Scot , it is Scotland that you must support and now with good reason, given that Mr Salmond wants to keep all the salmons to himself and cede from this mighty Union formed way back in 1707 which has stood the test of times in all the times!


It really saddens me even to think of such a preposterous notion given my familial loyalty to kings, queen and country putting in Lord's Cadogan’s words in our times: ‘King first God after’! 


What a system where all four home countries enjoy loads of freedom within the union with a parliament for Scotland and an assembly for Wales. I guess let us not mention Northern Ireland. I have to admit that I love Scotland the most being one myself like your great mother the late queen mother. 


I always feel relieved to see ‘Welcome to Scotland’ signs on the M74 though none such exist on the A68 one of the most beautiful drives in the country. It instead has a stone , a big one saying welcome to Scotland on one side and England on the other. We used to go there a lot in the good old days when petrol was affordable and I was not part of the Edinburgh Cricket scene. Off course family accompanied. 


Once Asdaq my wee one needed to attend the call of nature. He must have been 6 or 7 seven then and decided to do so without telling me to help him find  a suitable spot. The next thing i see is a small stream from the rock . Being a Scot's son, I won’t tell which side he honoured but well you can make an educated guess. There is no suggestion that he is pro-independence but felt that he made his intentions known.


Anyway, I am more worried about what is going to happen to all your properties and residences starting from Balmoral and including your mother's favourite glamis. Will they be nationalised and made into some cheap tawdry hotel asking extortionate prices to sleep in the room your majesty used to? Or will the supposedly new Scottish government allow you the use of facilities who knows! 


It must pain you no end that such a  thing is going to a referendum. I mean we Scottish lot are being very ungrateful that despite being bailed out way back to become  a part of the treaty we now are brazenly asking for parting ways. Such  ungratefulness, Cadogan must be turning in his grave! I can however give your personal assurances that I am firmly and forever will be entrenched in the NO camp so the UK can always count on me.


Nothing else is new, same old faces and routine but will keep you informed of all and sundry,


Your Familial Well Wisher and Servant

MAK Raja


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