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Tuzk e Jahangiri


Hakim Hazik


Af course I grew up in Lhor. Played bantas in Pani Wala Tlaab and ate kebabs from Mochi Gate and when I got the upset stomach, went to Myoo Haspataal for the drip. This was before the time of Shaitan Zia ul Haq and his adopted sons who came to rule the Gormint House. 


Central Maadel School was still Urdu Medium and GN Butt Sahib would still want us to become Murgha if we did nat write the takhti or if we ate phutta during recess. There was no computer lab with a phatti fram the USAID and Boota still sold the Nan Cholay spiced up with bhang.


The only faces you saw on the Mall Road with beards were those of hippies with ruck sacks, on their way to Wahga Barder. Dubai Chowk was still Sixteen Hundred Acres Scheme. The only Mullah you saw an the TV was Maulana Kausar Niazi who would go back to his Black Label after Baseerat. This was before the national tragedies like Bangladesh, Dr Israr Ahmed and Tahir ul Qadri. Mullah’s reach was till the masjid only. Noor Jahan’s reach was till Yahya Khan. 


Moonlight Sailma was still showing selected pieces fram famous Halliwood and Lalliwood filums after the interval and before the police raid. Ilyas Kashmiri was still a filum actor and nat a jihadi whom the Mreekans were hunting with a drone.


If you told people to get on the number four bus, they still knew it was an insult. There were no fly overs apart fram Do Morya Bridge and that was also far trains only. You had to wait far one one, two two hours at the railway gates. We had tangas on the Mall Road and buffalos in the houses.


Respectable people had their Cortinas and Morris cars and Hillmans. There were double deckers far common people with student concession. If you got angry and had to burn something, you would burn a bus or a traffic signal or a bank. Christians cleaned your houses and your streets only. You gave them money and clothes on Eid and Bakreed. You did not go and burn their houses. 


My heart is weeping. Nat the crocodile tears of Rana Sana Ullah. He can naoo go and sit in a drawing room and say that he is condemning these mullahs. Where was he when the weemens and small small childrens were running far their lives and the mullahs were burning crosses and trashing bibles? Tomarrow, he will get into a Land Rover with Mullah Ludhianvi and go and kiss the feet of Malik Ishaq and ask  him to vote for the Noon. I send lanat on such palitics. 


I thinks so that Miansab and Shbassab should also be ashamed of themselves. The can get on the their Metro Bus and their BMW and go round and round on the ring road; but what good is that doing to the poor people who have been driven fram their homes?


Lhor does nat belang to these crazy mullahs, it is time to drive them out of the city. May be keep them with buffalos outside the city, nat in the masques where they can start a campaign of murder and nat in the TV where we should have Noor Jahan or Noor only.

Mohammad Jahangir Badar

Secty Journal



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