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Make Love Not War

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik


Tauba Tauba, Allah Maafi, What is happening in Salamabad? The Mreecans have gan mad. They are holding this convention where all the peepals of third world, acdc,  gays and lesbalians are coming. Only narmal peepals af Pakustan Peepal Paty are not coming. Every bady is so shamed that no bady is taaking. Every bady is keeping his mum.


I am taaking only. I don’t think so, this kind of gathering can be aloud in the Salamic Rupublic af Pakistan. It can be aloud in Waziristan. It can be aloud in Jalalabad. But sir ji, it can nat be aloud in Pakistan. I have asked Firdaus Baji Waan, to raise her vice. Fust, in Salamabad and then in the UN. I will spoat. The roosters af Sialkot will spoat. Yes we can. If Bama can, we can. This is a savranity ishoo. 


Fust, it was Abdur Rehmaan Davis, then it was drone tacks, naoo this. Where will they stop? I think so, Munter saab does nat have mother sister at home. Why does he nat got to Araan and hold the LGBT there? Why does he nat go to Arbi brothers and teach them the benefits of talerance? Like Lawrence Garden af Arbia used to do? (When he was tacking the trains of Turk brathers with bums and at the same time he was offering bums to the Arbi brathers.) Why does he insist aan drones in our backyard and LGBT in the backside of embassy?


I think so, I know naoo. This is all canfidence building muyyurs. Mreekans are taaking to Talban. They have to withdraw quickly, before the critical time. They have to do it before lection, otherwise Bama will be a limp duck. They must show they are serious. What better way to overcome war and hatred? Hain Ji? Lama Qbal has said, ‘Make laoo nat war’. Hazrat Jesus Christ has said, be your brather’s keeper. We have stapped being our brather’s keeper. (except Mullah Brather’s in Attock Jail). This is why there is so much war. 


Kamran Munter saab is thinking, laoo will overcome war. He is sending special misri to Mullah Umar. He is also holding a goat festival in the backside laan. This will give canfidence to Talban. (Shriek Chairman is sending misri to black goats, with offer of truce, to let them enter capital territory.)


Do you know that Laat Mountbatten was also LGBT? That was the real prablem. Nat Radcliffe saab, nor the Memsaab Mountbatten. We did nat know. This mistake cost us Kashmir. Naoo we must be vigilant, so that we do nat lose Fghanistan. We must maintain our strategic depth. We must pay close attention to every brather mullah, as well as Mullah Brather.


I have been watching the Wimbledon. I was spoating Sharapova. She won the small plate. Kvitova won the the big plate. She is fram Check, like Baji Navratilova. I think so, she is also a lesbalian. What do you think?


Mumd Jungeer Badar

Secty Journal,


Inside Delhi Gate,

(Backside of Masjid Wazir Khan)


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