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Missing in Pakistan

Where Is My Baba? 

Words fail to describe the feelings of hopelessness one feels when your protectors turn predators, pluck you from your surroundings, maim, torture and kill you or sell you to the highest bidder. All in the name of protecting freedom and liberty, without any due process of law.

This is precisely what has been achieved by the Government of Pakistan, most allied of the allies in the ‘War against Terror’. What was once a remote occurrence for us, in distant lands of South America is here, among us and around us. The desaparecidos of Chile, Argentina and Guatemala have become our gum shuda people. According to a document issued in 2006, there were 63 Pakistani in illegal American custody in Guantanamo. Scores others have been probably killed by our own authorities. This was one of the crimes of Honourable Justice Chaudhry that he took notice, and is having to pay the price.

But remember, misuse of power will not be forgotten or forgiven by the people of Pakistan. The current rulers of Pakistan also have reason to fear, not only the national, but the world wide ‘judicial activism’. Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile, was visiting the UK, in 1998, when he was arrested under European Law, on a warrant issued by the Spanish Government, on charges of murder. He was released only in 2000, on the excuse of ill health by the British government.

The Aliens Tort Claims Act can be and has been used to bring civil proceedings against any individual in America for crimes committed anywhere in the world, including human rights violations. (For example, Nawaz Sharif could sue Shaukat Aziz for illegally deporting him, and our banker- prime minister would be at risk of losing his New York real estate)

See here the documentary (24 minutes) by the brave Ziad Zafar. It is not easy viewing. It shows you the sinister face of our security angencies.

See BBC Urdu, Missing Pakistanis page here  



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