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Mughal e Azam


By: Hakim Hazik 

To Nuruddin Mohammad Arsalan:

You are charged with bringing into disrepute the office of the crown prince and heir to the throne for the love of a dissolute and lowly slave girl Malik Razia. You have incited the army of the realm to open rebellion. You have tried to collude with formation commanders of 10,000 troops each,  General E Zamir and General Shaukat and tried to deprive them of their conscience and their splendour which they had protected from the wily courtesan, Musharraf un Nisa with great artifice.


All your errors and omissions can be forgiven and you can find favour with us again if your forego your infatuation with Malik Razia and hand her over to the crack triple one formation of the Royal Taimurid Army. Otherwise your fate will be decided in the battle field.


This court does not want to listen to pleas of anguish and misguided love. We want her. She has to be handed over. We swear upon the magnificence of the dynasty of Taimur that if you disobey, you will be deprived of the throne of Chak Jhumra for ever and ever. Your bones will be ground to dust and and thrown into Chak 45, Gugera Branch. (Post Office Proper)


You want to insult the coronet of the great Mughals and want to mould it into an anklet for a mere dancer. You want a slave girl to dance on the ancient throne of Hindoostan. Justice is nearer to our heart than our own flesh and blood. The accused Nooruddin Mohammad Arsalan, you have taken an unfair advantage of our leniency. Your have refused to present Malik Razia in front of this court. 


We have put up with your un-royal ways for a very long time. You have squandered the opportunity to distinguish yourself in medicine or in the battle field. We had wanted you to excel in statesmanship by becoming the Governor of the newly liberated territory of Bannu Prison so that you could make yourself ready for this throne. Alas this was not to be. Instead, you became enamoured this woman that you refuse to hand over and choose to hide her in Feranghistan. 


If you had any pride, you would have learnt the art of soldiery, that has won us this throne and you would have learnt the intricacies of article 62 and 63. You decided not be our Seikhu but a puppet in the hands of this scheming woman. We shall order Raja Rehmaan Singh, our dear brother in law, to put your name on the exit control list and we will bury you into the archives department in the civil secretariat where you could easily have been a section officer and a king among men if you had shown some sense.


The King of Kings

The Shadow of God on Earth,

The Defender of Faith, 

The Ruler of the Realm of Hindoostan

Jalal ud Din Mohammad Akbar Chaudhry.

Mughl e Azam



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