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Mullah from Mrs. Saga

Tuzk e Jahangiri

Hakim Hazik

I have always said that the ejucation in Chief College is deficient. They do nat teach you the meaning of sharamnak and also many other skills that are needed in the madren world such as perfarming circumciyun, inciyon af boils, setting af bones and cooking at marriage parties.



You can nat acquire these skills in Oxford Univarasty either. For this you have to enroll in Jiyala Metropolitan Univarasty, near Pani Wala Talab. (opposite Niamat hair cutting saloon and hot bath, Santor Jungeer Badar ko milay). 


To Tzasab, I have to say, suck more. When  you were taking out lang lang marches and reading lang lang poems, I told  you that no good has ever come out af  this sher shoor and poem shoem. If you want to save the nation, the praper way is nat to get in Land Rover and go to GT road and read poems, but to go to the akhara of Bholu on Mohni Road and turn over the earth and do the wrestling before drinking the sardai. 


It is no use naoo to be sending letters to Mran Khan, saying you will go to the court with him. He will have to work himself to try to improve his ejucation. You may be a barrister of la, but you farget that there is no rule af la. There is this la and that la. There is Angraizi la and Sharia la. Most people just pray to Allah. Naoo you are having to do same to same. Suck more. 


And you are lucky to have the Land Rover. If you were traveling in Choi Nazir and Bros. bus service, (naturally air conditioned), you would be stopped by the angels af God in Mastung and in Bolan and in Chilas. They would examine your back and separate you fram other passengers. Have you ever thought of going to court bout them? There is one la for the Choi Nazir people and another la far the Land Rover people.


Shriek Chairman is thinking on going on a laang leave abraad. He will spend some quality time with his childrens and his Swiss Franks. I thinks so, Choisab will be going on laang leave as well, may be with Arsalan Beta to Monte Carlo, to research and develop the la of Hazrat Umar. If you ask me, I think so, that Kayani Saab should do the same. I don’t thinks so that Brother Adnan Rashid is taking a holiday. This would mean that the only safe place for Journal Saab would be Chak Shehzad, once he leaves the underside of the oak table in the GHQ.


However, as GN Butt Saab used to say, two swords can live in one sheath but two journals can not live in one chak.


I think so, we have lunt little little fram history. Think what would have happened if Shriek Chairman had shown eyes to Journal Kayani or to the Mullah from Mrs. Saga. We would have had Nasr City in D Chowk. It is better to have Yusuf Raza cooling his heels in Multan than to have five hundred dead on the streets. 


Lamdoo lillah for the wisdom of Shriek Chairman. 


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