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Extraordinary Rendition

 Nawaz Sharif Returns


His Royal Highness King Abdullah, Custodian of Harem Sharif and Nawaz Sharif, has decided to relinquish custody of Nawaz Sharif.
Mr. Sharif paid His Highness his farewell visit today and went over his travel itinerary with him, with a  great deal of  brotherly love and affection, that binds the Ummah together.

This was particularly appropriate, as Mr. Sharif failed to consult with Brother Abdullah, the last time he went traipsing around the world, and had to be brought back, under special arrangements, for further spiritual enlightenment, (in moderation; and at no cost to himself). This was quite lucky, as the less fortunate had to be content with having to go to another centre of learning in Guantanamo, where living conditions are less good.

The occasion was doubly propitious, as purely by happy coincidence, Brother Musharraf, had recently visited the Holy Land to perform Umra, after successfully putting to sword those mutinous infidels in the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic, who were trying to bring tyranny and terror to the land.  

As is well known, the Kingdom's greatest gift to the Islamic Republic has been the great jurist and exegetist, Al-Sheikh Bin Laden, who has done more than any one else to promote peace and harmony in the Republic and around the world, and to promote inter-faith dialogue, through tastefully made video messages. For this Brother Musharraf expressed his heartfelt gratitude to His Highness.

The Kingdom also sponsors thousands of religious schools where a culture of peace, tolerance and free speech are inculcated among the students. As a result the Republic is being slowly but surely being cleansed of heretics, deviants and those who have strayed from the righteous path.

Mr. Sharif will leave for a brief sojourn in the Citadel of the Faithful in  Park Lane in Central London, after which he will arrive in the Islamic Republic on or before 26 th of November.   



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