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Power to the People

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

One of the pleasing aspects of the growth of democracy in Pakistan is the empowerment of those communities who have been at the margin of the society. 

No no, don’t take me wrong. I do not mean the politicians. I am not saying that the power has been devolved, God forbid, from the GHQ to the parliament; that of course cannot be allowed in an Islamic polity and would be against the principals and strongly held values of the Republic. It would be against the Holy Book and the Objectives Resolution and would be an attack on the ideology of Pakistan. We cannot allow our society to be polluted by decadent ideas which the liberal secular fascists steal from the west and then try to use them to promote their agenda of dismemberment of Pakistan.

The groups which were marginal in the past have been empowered by the sagacious and enlightened leadership of our maximal military brains equipped with our Minimal Strategic Deterrent. They have empowered the previously neglected Mullah fraternity in towns and villages so that they can bring about a Muslim renaissance to rival the Abbasid age. This devolution of power has also involved giving them training to use firearms and martyrdom technologies, to attack anti state activities such as Muharram and Eid Milad processions and to stamp out grave worship in the centres of Shirk and infamy, such as in the mausoleums of sufi saints. 

The paradigm of decentralisation has worked very well in the International Sensitive Agency. The agency has successfully overcome existential security threats such as Taj Hotel and Nariman House and enhanced the prestige of the country and the glory of the Ummah. It has also dealt effectively with the university students in Balochistan who try to distort the meaning of devolution and thus put themselves beyond the pale. We have been blessed with vast open spaces of pristine wilderness in the province, where the disappeared bodies of the enemies of the state can never be found.

The Field Marshal is very supportive of the idea of devolution to the South Punjab. Once the province is in place, it will be headed by Governor Jaish, the hero of the flight to Qandahar. Central Punjab will be governed by Governor Hafiz, the indomitable survivor of the infamous Kerry-Luger pincer movement against the Ummah which was so cleverly foiled by our valiant foreign minister, Shah Mahomood Qureshi (Shaheed). 

We must pay our tribute to the Shaheed and should not forget that he changed the course of history by taking a special flight to Washington in the nick of time and bested Senator Kerry in an arms wrestling championship in the full glare of the world media. He went on to achieve further heights of glory to become Sajjada Nasheen to the late Hazrat Farooq Laghari. 

We have, by the grace of God, acting on His commandments and those of Hazrat Ronald Reagan, devolved most functions of the government to the private sector. The outcomes have been very gratifying. The education is being delivered by the NGOs, health by professional faith healers, security by expert local Mafiosi, drinking water by foreign bottling companies, religious education by indigenous paedophiles, general (reformed) sales tax by protection racketeers, land revenue by qabza groups, burial of the dead by Edhi, exhumation and display of the buried by the TTP. We must prostrate ourselves before the Market Economy and pronounce that it is a complete code of life. 

We have also devolved war to General Jalaludin Haqqani and other pious, God fearing warlords.  As our valiant armed forces are devoted to peace, they are moving full tilt to peaceful private enterprise in real estate, marriage halls, sugar production, sacrificial goats for Eid, sacrificial humans for Kashmir, golf courses, cargo transport, road works, retail stores and bakeries. 

The province of the Punjab has taken great strides in fulfilling the long standing demands of its people to reform the judicial system, under the inspired and visionary leadership of the premier Khadim. A new system has been introduced in the pioneering Division of Gujranwala. The police chief has the key role. He has been invested with role of enhanced interrogation, and also being the judge, the jury and the executioner. When the weight of evidence is strong, it is seen that many culprits meet their end when they are trying to escape the long arm of justice. This is called Police Encounter and has been hailed by the masses as a revolutionary achievement in the legal justice system. 

Another parallel development has been the setting up of citizens’ courts called Speedy Trial Courts by Lynch Mobs. This has been piloted in district Sialkot to great national and international acclaim. Other regions have come up with initiatives of their own. Panchayat courts are functioning satisfactorily in South Punjab and Sind and regularly handing out justice to women who violate the honour their family and their tribe under the time honoured Karo Kari legislation, now devolved to the provinces under the 19th amendment. By the grace of God, more than a thousand such cases were decided last year. 

Our people are resourceful. Left to themselves, free of state bureaucracy, they will come up with novel and effective solutions. They should be allowed to form citizens committees for self governances and co-ordination. One such committee which has demonstrated its can-do pragmatism is the Corps Commanders Conference, which has become a source of inspiration and guidance to our front line media personalities. One should not forget the now world famous committee in the western region which is trying to promote people to people contact across the Durand Line. It is loved and cherished among both peace loving nations as Quetta Shura. 

One unintended consequence of the devolution has been the proliferation of the NGOs. There is a concern that these organisations are funded by the western countries to the tune of billions of dollars and are not answerable to the legally constituted, freely elected Government of Pakistan.  

On the other hand, the biggest such organisation is our valiant army and we would never want to compromise its freedom to act in our defence.  




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