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Resistance Art and Literature

JDP is pleased to inform its readers that we are starting this new feature of resistance poetry, art and literature. We shall try to bring to you notable efforts on a regular basis. Please send us material, you think should be included. Below is a Punjabi poem by Dr Mohammad Ayub. This is in the memory of Nazir Abbasi, who was martyred resisting the tyranny of Zia ul Haq


For Nazir Abbasi

O hanging noose,

Have a light touch

We brought up our sons, it wasn’t easy

They never felt the harsh seasons

They never suffered hardship

O hanging noose

When everyone was prostrate,

Their brows glowed with defiance

Nobody goes out in the torrid sun

They held out their hands for shade

Never said yes to tyranny

 Dr Ayub is a consultant psychiatrist in the UK


resistance poetry, art and literature

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