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Shriek Chairman’s Tongue

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik 

For one thing, I am fed up with Miansab. He has gone into rut again.  Judge, judge, judge. He thinks that we are owl’s muscles. Even a tanga walla on Mcloroad knows what he really wants. He says he wants Ftikhar Chory Saab to be put back into his seat. Inside inside, he wants his own behind in the prime minister’s seat. Who are you grazing sir ji?

I was not barn yesterday. I have not bleached my hair in the Choonamandi sun, only to ply Kala Kola on them later aan.

He says that the Shriek Chairman has given his tongue. Did you nat give your tongue when you left with 40 suitcases for Arab Shreef? When you like, you tack the judges with dandas. When Shriek Chairman does same to same, you start bathing and washing and acting neat and clean. Then only you rmember Chatter of Demo Cracy. Then only you rmember 17th Mendment.

When it suits you, you make a deal with fauj to go otside. When Sheed Mohtarma makes a deal with fauj to come inside, you curyate phadda. I am saying to you sir ji, no more phadda. No phadda will walk.

The sichu ation of the country is bad. We have to leave our personal gendas and dapt a common genda. I asked Sherry Rman, ‘Mohtarma What is your genda? Do you have a common genda’? She slapped me in the face. She said, ‘Do you nat have mother sister at home’? I am shacked. I am saying what is happening to the world? Peepal are fargetting that I am the Secty Journal.

I have asked my friend Keem Hazik Saab of JDP, what is happening to the world? He is saying Englush language, like demo cracy, is full of pitfalls. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Keem Saab is very clever. I have made one of my own. It says ‘There is many a currency note between the journal vote and the supreme coat’. I have sent it to my friend and younger brather, Khawaja Saader Feeq.

He is planning another long marach. The jaloos will start fram the Railway Tation. It will either go via Branthur Road, or via Mcloroad, Nisbut Road, Nar Kali, Datasab and past Yadgar to the GT road. I am saying, take nails of sanity. There will be traffic jam. Peepal will shout abuse. They will shout mother sister. They will say, is this why we put vote? Why don’t you wait for the next Journal Lection? I am fraid, nobady is listening to me.

There is a rumour that Brather Gilani is nat listening to Shriek Chairman. He is trying to fry his own pan cake. This is dangerous game. I will not spoat. Bekaz, peepal in Pindi will be listening with their sensitive antennas.

Some peepal inside Bhati Gate are saying, that the Shriek Chairman talks with a forked tongue. Do you know what is forked tongue?

No Phadda, No deal,

Your friend and your Vakeel,

Mhamd Jungeer Badar

MA. LLB.  

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