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Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

4th Prail is a black day in the history of Pakustan. Sheed Chairman Zulafkar Ali Bhutto was killed by qatil Ziaulhaq. Young peepal from Pakustan Peepal Patty, like myself, were taken to Shahi Qila and flogged by dictator, same to same as young peepal in Swat are being flogged by Maulvi Fazlulla. I don’t think so that Ziaulhaq was killed by Mreeka or by the army. He was killed by God. Maulvi Fazlulla will  also be killed by God.

Thanks God, sichuation is slowly slowly improving in Punjab. We must also thank Shriek Chairman. I have become member of Santt. Santt is the higher chamber of commerce for the parliyamant. It is much more impatant than the National Sembly. Losing MNA lection is nat impatant. Winning Santt lection is impatant. Santt members can become ministers. They can become dvisors. They can become govurners.

I am nat dfending govurner sahib. He can dfend his own actions. He can dfend his own wives and his own childrens. I have no personal desire to become govurner. I will do whatever the Patty wants from me. If the patty wants me to become govurner, I will fallow the patty disciplun. Shriek Chairman had no option but to ply govurner rule in Punjab. He had to fallow the dvice of the prime minister. This is written in cansti tution. You should nat marach against the cansti tution.

Thanks God, the lang marach is over. We had run ot of tear gas. Tear gas is very impatant. Madren nations never run ot of tear gas. Use of tear gas is a sign of pragress. The other signs are bottled vater, Leet Force, section 144, drone tacks and market conmy. By the grace of Gad, we are making pragress in all these areas.  We are making pragress in tear gas. We have already quired self shuffi shansy in nerve gas. We will use it next time in the GPO. Like Hallabja.

Fashionable young men are riving from Fghanistan. They wear nicely cut, shpecial designer jackets. Sometimes they explode them. This is when they want to make a fashion statement. Shriek chairman does not explode. He does not make fashion statements. He just makes political statements, as lang as they are nat Koran. Sometimes he signs cards. He signed one card with Miansab in Bhurban. This was called Bhurban Card. He won’t sign one gain. He does not like Bhurban. He likes Nawab Shah. He does nat like Nawab Raisani.

Tza Zessun has not answered my sho kaz notus. I am nayed. Inside  inside, he is cooking sakeems to take over the patty. He braght in Need Khan to wave the falag. Why he did nat ask me to wave the falag?  Hain Ji? Has he fargatten my suttruggle for the rule of la? Does he want me to show my battam on the Geo TV, with the whip marks? He reads poems like he is Lama Qbal or Beeb Jalab. I will nat laoo him to sit on the CEC. I will see what he can uproot.

Lang live Sheed Chairman Bhutto

Lang live Shriek Chairman, Asif Ali Bhutto Zardari

Lang live your Secty Journal, Santtar Jungeer Badar Bhutto

Bhutto dey naaray wajjan gey

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