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The Bhati Gate Scandal

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik


Lau ji take that, Tzasab is going to the Sapreem Coat, and nat yours tarooly, the highly qualified liar and moreover the Secty Journal af the patty. Haooever, Shriek Chairman says this is a good idea. He has asked me to write to Tzasab and reinstate him into the Central Zective Kmaitee.


I have searched my sole and in my capasty as the Secty Journal. (No no, nat the number 12 sole that was applied to my battam by shaitan Zia ul Haq.) I have written the fallowing latter to him.



Chory Tza Zessun,

Brister at La, LLM

Dear Chory Saab,

Under the tharty vested in me by the Shriek Chairman, I am writing to you to cangratulate you aan your successful reinstatement to the CEC. 

It has been a long time since I last wrote to you. A lat af water has flown through Mian Mir Canal. Apa Sughran’s knees are completely gaan, just like the lisuns af Brother Babar Waan. Nawab Din Halwai has gaan to Mran Khan’s jalsa. Some things have nat gaan. Take far example, Sain Qani. He has actually come back. Fauj is nat gaan. They are also searching their sole. I hope they find it. 

I do nat  understand this meemo gate. I only understand Bhati Gate. If Mansoor Jaz has gaat any water, why does he naat come? I am telling you sir ji, he will naat come. It is only the jiyalas af the patty who can be killed, bombed and hung upside down in the Shahi Qila and still come. Chory Saab, you sat  at home and did nat take the calls fram Aabpara whereas your neighbour takes the call and perfarms a saloot at the same to same time. 

20,000 Baloch have also gaan sir ji, disappeared, never to come back. When you were driving the Land Rover far thirty thirty hours, and reading lang lang poems on GT road, you said that the state would be like mother. Brother Tariq Mmood was crying aan TV. Naoo, can you tell me who has reappeared apart fram Big Chory Saab?

O yes, the Sipah Salar Sahib has also reappeared. Before, he was signing the peace treaties with Taliban or hiding under the table in the GHQ when the hostage takers came for an educational tour. Naoo, he is  cracking the whip and my Laat Saabs in the coat are jumping. When he sneezes, my Laat Saabs get pnemonia. Why don’t you write another poem sir ji?

In that poem you should also write that when Journal Meed Gul, gives away faran money to his friends, it is in the best national interest. It is treason for the gormint to change the journals. It is nat treason far the journals to change the gormint. It is nat treason for the journals to kill the journalists and my laat sahibs sit on their mahogany benches and look serious whereas the journalists float in canals and look dead. 

But Choisab, welcome back to the central zective any haoo.

Yours Taruly

Mumd Jungeer Badar

Secty Journal 




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