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The Hand of God

Extraordinary Rendition

Hakim Hazik


All the state institution should stay within their limits. These limits are decided by the supreme commander of the armed forces and the master of the universe, the living avatar of God on earth, the emir of the faithful, chief of the army staff, Yours Truly.


O Lord, let us not be among the ones who are sinful and misguided. Let us not be among those who trespass these limits and become unwilling instruments in the hands of those who are not circumcised and reprobates who use paper on their person. These people invite the wrath of God, our Lord and will end up in the upper Jhelum canal with all their ribs kicked in or in unmarked ambulances with all their bones broken.


We are passing through a defining moment in our history. The region is in turmoil. Our enemies are watching us; especially those in Islamabad. We have to be firm and resolute in the face of adversity. Only then we can come through this crisis and succeed where others have failed. 


There are severe challenges facing the nation. Brother Haqqani has been declared an FTO. (May he live a long and happy life and have many more wives and upright male children). This will put severe constraints on our ability to milk the international donor organisations to overcome the budgetary deficit. However, our sovereignty is inviolable. We will not compromise. We have made a covenant with the nation. We will give every sacrifice but will not surrender to the bloody civilians. 


All egregious attempts to draw a wedge between the army leadership and its rank and file will be brutally crushed. All the rank and file are patriotic and are committed with complete devotion to iron the clothes and shine the shoes of their leadership. They will be rewarded in this world and the next, especially the next. 


All men are equal. All generals are even more equal. All generals are innocent until proven guilty. All NLC generals are innocent after proven guilty. They can only be tried by a properly constituted court, constituted by Yours Truly and supervised by a properly constituted judge, that is, Yours Truly. 


It is written that the pious and the god fearing among us will be rewarded by Lord God even though they are retired and go shooting off their mouth. They will not be taken lightly and dragged through the civilian courts even though they have their snout in a trough and the IQ of a pigeon. They will be given squares of land to breed horses where milk and honey will flow and they will recline against plush bolsters and partake of fauji corn flakes. 


All the organs of the state will be well advised not to stray into areas which are out of bounds and not to temper with the rule of law. The rule of law will be imposed with an iron hand. 


The hand of God is the hand of Yours Truly. 



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