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The Merger with Pakistan Day

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

By the grace of God, the valiant Kashmiris all over the world observed a black day on the republic day of the occupying imperialist forces. Pakistan has stood by its Kashmiri brethren through thick and thin. However the Occupied Kashmir is demographically diverse and requires sensitive handling, once it has merged with Pakistan.

As we all know that the Jammu area is dominated by bigoted Hindus, allied to the BJP and other extremist organisations, with deeply flawed world views. There seem to be few options, except to repatriate this population to the territories, further east. Ideally this should be a voluntary movement, but we do realise that some kind of persuasion may be needed.

Fortunately, we have developed techniques of re-housing large populations. Cutting edge research has been undertaken by dedicated organisations such as Anjuman e Sipah e Sahaba. Large scale trials have been conducted in Gojra and Shantinagar, based on deployment of inflammable petrochemicals in a judicious and scientific manner. We are optimistic that this objective is achievable with minimum loss of life and will bring greater coherence and stability to the demography of the region, in the best spirit of an interfaith dialogue.

Laddakh poses a different kind of challenge. The outlook of the largely Buddhist residents will be less likely to cause conflict with the Islamic Republic. We do accept that idolatry and large stone Buddhas will be an issue. But as we have shown the whole world, we have taken great strides in taking corrective actions against such sinful images, for example in the pious valley of Swat. We have employed the greatest gift of God to the faithful, i.e. dynamite. The largest rock Maitreya Buddha was blown up, using this technique, to proclaim the greatest glory of God and one true faith in the valley. We have thus strengthened the wholesome tradition developed in the strategic depth of the province of Bamian. 

Kargil is dominated by people adhering to Shia faith. It would be reasonable to offer them the opportunity to join the majority community. Again, this should be achievable peacefully and with minimum loss of life. Perhaps, interested research organisations, such as Jaish e Mohammad and Lashkar e Jhangvi can be commissioned to start a dialogue to develop the best operative procedures.

The Srinagar Valley has already been rid of the Kashmiri Pundits during the freedom struggle. There is an element though, of religious heterodoxy in the native Muslim community, which harkens back to their infidel past. Some of their practices exhibit an affinity to ideologies antithetical to the purist message of the true faith. As we know our great religion does not countenance any lifestyles which smack of making partners with God.

It may therefore be appropriate that the Nizam e Adl Regulation which has not been implemented in the Swat Valley so far because of logistical difficulties is given a trial run first in the Srinagar Valley. It would be important to see this highly effective penal code in practice, including the flogging of wayward women and beheading of deviant men.

Our brethren in Kashmir have suffered long and hard under a brutal alien occupation. It is time that they share the fruits of freedom that we have enjoyed for so long.

Long live Pakistan,

Kashmir banay ga Pakistan


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