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The Rule of Law

By: Hakim Hazik

This court finds you Yusuf Raza Gilani s/o Syed Alamdar Husain Gilani, guilty of willful flouting of our orders and of contempt of this court.

We have tried our best to improve your letter writing skills. We have employed the best tutor in the land, the most famous and able grammarian after Panini, Professor Ahmed Shuja Pasha, to give you private tuition in letter writing and composition, but you have willfully not availed of this opportunity.

The professor has undertaken arduous journeys to world capitals, including Washington, London, and Riyadh, to collect priceless educational materials for you, but you maliciously and contemptuously disregarded these sincere efforts.

The court finds it a sad reality that you are the 3rd prime minister to have been subject to the legal proceedings and to have brought this office into disrepute. You could easily have entered into a plea bargain, with the fetching dignity displayed by the soldier statesman, Admiral Mansoor ul Haq, and be sunning yourself in California except that unlike him, you had no respect for the rule of law.

Or you could have gone onto the national TV like the great patriot Syeda Abida Husain, the scion of the polished aristocracy of Jhang, and accepted for all to see, that you had received money to contest the election on a fair and transparent basis and to oppose the parties who are a risk to the security of the country. All would have admired you and would have been inspired by you. You did not choose this noble path but decided to frustrate the will of the court.

You could also have taken the path of General Mirza Aslam Beg who has given educational grants to all the leading public figures of this country to promote among them a sense of responsibility and dedication to the rule of law. We owe him a debt of gratitude as he transformed the political governance in this country ably assisted by the Conqueror of Jalalabad and the terror for the infidel Russians, General Hameed Gul.

We condemn the egregious suggestion that they should be sentenced on charges of corruption. Those making these suggestions should be exposed and their real faces shown to the public.

This is a great day in the history of the nation. Justice has been done and the rule of law has prevailed. This court has shown that justice is blind. It does not care for the status and power of the accused. The court will continue to be unimpressed by the high and mighty of this land who flaunt their influence to obstruct the course of justice except when they sport a beard according to the dictates of Sharia and kill the infidels with automatic weapons or convert them to the true message of Islam at gunpoint.

This is the land of the people who are strong in their faith and their commitments. Those who will give everything they have to defend the ideology of their country which is based on the simple and beautiful ideals of the Law of Necessity and the Provisional Constitutional Order.

Salam on Suo Moto, damnation on BBM services.



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