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The Ummah and the Real Estate

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

Islamabad is a federal territory. It is the capital of the largest country of the Ummah. All citizens of the federation have a claim on its real estate. All citizens of the Ummah have a claim on its real estate.

Maulana Fazlullah wants part of it. Osama Bin Laden wants a part of it. Baitullah Mehsud wants a part of it. Is it any wonder that Nazir Naji, a law abiding citizen, a journalist of 50 years standing also wants a part of it? How can you deny a fundamental human right to a dyed in (yellow) wool, patriotic Pakistani, who has always supported the rule of law? Who has always supported whoever is in power, merely to ensure peace and harmony for the nation, to generate economic stimulus and to kick start the real estate market.

Woe betide the nation who can allow petty, half-literate, jumped-up journalists to malign the name of a stalwart, who has fought for of people’s freedoms and liberties, by supporting the regimes of the soldier of Islam, Pervez Musharraf and the beacon of hope for a corruption free world, Asif Ali Zardari.

Pakistan is a special gift of God to the Ummah. It is full of natural resources. It is a land of opportunity; an opportunity for the army to distribute it. We can sleep peacefully at night because we know that the army will distribute it justly, impartially and fairly to the most deserving. Swat is a wonderful example, where this has been achieved with great success.

Who can be more deserving than the son of the soil, a true muslim and a true Pakistani, the peace loving Maulana Fazlullah? It is very heartening to know that the proceeds from the emeralds in the valley are being used to establish FM radio stations in neighbouring districts. It is great to see that the eyesores like the skiing resort at Malam Jabba have been blown up to an environmentally friendly heap of rubble, to allow the mountain to return to its pristine beauty. Armed with a sincere resolve and dynamite, the administration has demolished the house of Amir Muqam, so that in its place can be established a university offering graduate studies on animal and human slaughter.

As the Emir of Sharia and Imam of the Ummah, Maulana Diesel has pointed out, the only real estate separating Trabela from Islamabad are Margalla hills. Hopefully these will soon be flattened to make the passage from Swat easier, and to help with better planning of Defence Housing Authorities. It is hoped that all national heroes, including senior journalists and the Maulana will benefit.

The Ummah faces the tragedy of occupied real estate of Kashmir. Once it is liberated, we will turn it into the paradise it once was, just like we have made the valley of Swat a heaven on earth, a Switzerland for the Muslim world. Self determination is a fundamental right denied to the people of Kashmir. The day is near, when they will shake off the foreign yoke and join their brothers and sisters in Swat and in FATA, to savour the sweet delights of freedom.

Free at last, Free at last.

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