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The Winds of Raiwind

Letter to Brother Abdullah

By: Hakim Hazik

Your Supreme Royal Highness,

I hear that the desert sand is shifting under your holy slippers.  May God protect and bless your slippers. It is because of your generosity and magnanimity, that your servant and your brother, who values himself below your footwear, is still alive and the economy of the Islamic Republic is still functioning. As I sit in my humble abode in Al Rai Al Wind, I recollect the sweet memories of Al Palace Al Saroor and pray for your health and long life.

I hear that Brother Mubarak is giving final touches to his travel plans and is planning to stay a while as a royal guest. I have been told, that he is not as eager a traveller as I was, when I had the great good fortune of enjoying the traditional House hospitality. I think he is making a mistake. It is much better to travel from Heliopolis to Jeddah than from the Wadi Natrun prison.  

I hope that Brother Ben Ali is in good health. Please give him my best regards. Hopefully he will not feel lonely for too long, as Brother Abdullah the IInd and Brother Ali Abdullah Saleh will join him soon as well. This will mean that you will have the greatest gathering of the saviours of the Ummah, since the Islamic summit of Lahore. May God shower his blessings on the Holy Land. May God bless the soul of the late hero of the Ummah, Al Hadji Doctor Brother Idi Amin al Dada and illuminate his grave in the Ruwais Cemetery.

I have no hesitation in saying Your Highness that you have exceeded the efforts of Brother Al Edhi in providing shelter to the homeless and for this you will get reward in this world and the next. These deeds of outstanding virtue will not be overlooked by the Almighty and the Al Nobel Committee.

My heart goes out to Brother Netanyahu. I know he is worried about the blowing up of the gas pipeline in Al Arish and the blowing up of the American policy in his face. May God protect the friends of the Kingdom from the Lebanese, Syrian and the Iranian peril. May God contain the mischief of Bushehr and protect and preserve the virtuous nuclear war heads in the Negev.

I would also suggest, Your Highness, that there is no harm in maintaining a second royal home in Al Rai Al Wind. The political situation in the Holy Land is fluid. The winds of change are picking up. The camel can sit on any side. It would be a mistake to leave the accommodation arrangements to the last minute. My humble abode can accommodate at least one monarch and a hundred retinue, including the harem. This will allow your brother to repay at least some of the kindness that you showered on him during his sojourn in the Holy Land.

Your True Brother indeed,

In the time of need,

MMN Sharif bin Al Abba Ji

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