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Dear colleagues, it is sad to see mohtarma stoking trouble even from her final resting place. In her book Reconciliation - Islam, Democracy and the West she says, ‘Usama Bin Laden is not representative of Islam. He is not representative of any civilization’. She goes on to say, ‘The message of Islam is subject to Ijtihad and Ijma. In every age reason is applied to arrive at a consensus of interpretation for that age’. This is a problematic statement.  She is attempting to blast the foundation out of the fine edifice of our ideology (an act of terrorism) which stresses permanence rather than evolution. She has hit at the very resources we depend on for our livelihood, for we live off peddling our assorted notions of ideology, jihad and morals. This is incredible coming from an advocate of the poor, unemployed and oppressed sections of the society. Roti, Kapra, Makan is clearly an empty slogan. We believe that chairman of the Quami Fairness Party, is a far greater champion of the poor and unemployed. He has recently acknowledged Hussain Ahmed as an important ideologue, though he has not attempted to define ideology, astute politician as he is.
To understand the concept of ideology we must remember that ideology is something to be engraved on stone; absolute and permanent, it is something to be preserved at all costs. Our great spiritual Guru once said ‘one must have ideology, for not having an ideology in your life is a disaster of the worst order’ A good ideology must be complex, confusing and remote from the corrupting influences of mundane aspects of life (armed struggles will obviously ensue over its correct interpretation but a few skirmishes do not matter much in the larger scheme of things).
In a recent gathering of intellectuals held to discuss the latest political developments, the delegates debated as to who should be the symbol of our federation now that mohtarma is not among us (I was not invited of course, I heard the coverage on my FM radio, an excellent gizmo, quite consistent with modernity and halal too, so long as it does not transmit music). Various proposals came up for the candidacy including Mira, Begum Nawazish Ali and Nokia 3310, names that enjoy an overwhelming respect and support throughout the four provinces, Azad Jammu Kashmir and FATA. Nevertheless, in my opinion none of these symbols fulfill our criterion of permanence (with Nokia churning out new models of mobile phone sets every few months) therefore, a more apt symbol to denote the unity of our nation would be a ‘daranti’.
We must also stop unnecessary commotion over the detainment of the Chief Justice, and demand immediate release of all prisoners of conscience detained in connection with decapitation charges.  As for the position of Prime Minister, we have decided to vote for Allama Fazal Din (Phajjey Key Siri Paye fame), another great emblem of our nationalism.
With best wishes,
President of NGO, Darra Adam Khel


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