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Extraordinary Rendition

Hakim Hazik


There have been historic relations between the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia. There was a brisk sea trade during the Umayyad times. When some of the Arab families were stranded in Serendepe, they were transferred by ship to Basra. On one such journey, pirates working for Mir Khalil ur Reman hijacked the ship bound for Basra, with the help of RAW agents and incarcerated them in a prison called Sing Sing in the fort of Daibol. It was at the time that an Arab women called Aafia Siddiqi cried out ‘O Hajjaj come to my help’. An expeditionary force was sent  under the command of the young Zaheerul Islam, who was barely seventeen years old. These valiant men defeated Mir Khalilur Rehman and decimated his army of sycophants. The cowardly tycoon fled to Dubai and the standard of Islam was unfurled over Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.


Three hundred years later, it was learnt in Ghazni that there was something rotten in the state of Somnath. Blasphemous offerings were being made to a massive gold idol called Narendra Modi. It was decided after consultation in the Corps Commanders Conference that this serious threat on the doorstep of Dar ul Islam could not be tolerated. Zahirul Islam was despatched post haste to this seat of idolatry. In a lightening strike, the temple was razed to the ground and the gold and the treasure was confiscated in the name of the Fauji Foundation where it still helps to support the widows and children of the martyrs who have fallen in support of the true cause. 


When Umar Shaikh Mirza died in 1494, his son Zahirul Islam was just eleven years and four months old. His closest relatives turned against him. Such was his resolve and determination, that soon he asserted his supremacy over Farghana as well as Samarkand. Due to the conspiracies of RAW, who had bribed his uncles, he had to leave Samarkand and head towards Kabul where he defeated the traitor of Islam and the American Agent, Hamid Karzai. in 1526, he pushed aside Daulat Khan, the governor of Lahore, crossed the BRB canal and won a famous victory over Ibrahim Lodhi in Panipat. He acquired the Koh e Noor diamond for the baitul maal.


The crowning glory came when the forces of Islam ware arrayed against Rana Sanga in the battle of Khanwa. Zahirul Islam vowed that he would abjure the alcohol and the Fauji Corn Flakes mix that he was addicted to, if Allah SWT gave him victory against the infidels. The Rajputs fought bravely but in the end, the forces of Islam were victorious. The empire of Hindoostan and Geo TV was at their feet. 


The community of Islam has been challenged again. But the enemy should not underestimate the resolve of the valiant mujahideen of the ummah. Narendra Modi has conquered the throne of Delhi and IPL. He has agents provocateurs trying to undermine our armed forces and infiltrate large sections of the media. There is however great fervour and passion to come to the defense of Islam. Stalwarts with an IQ of at least 30, including General Zaid Hamid and General Imran Khan are thronging to join the cause. May Allah SWT give them victory. 


Zaheerul Islam is watching. 



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