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No Orator Like Galloway

Galloway on Pakistan 

It is seems bit surreal to hear a Scottish politician give a speech about Pakistan and do it better than any Pakistani politician, past or present. But then George Galloway is no ordinary politician. He has been an outstanding spokesman for the cause of Palestinians, and against the war on Iraq, and a fearless critic of Israeli oppression

 His logic is flawless, his force of argument overpowering, his cadence mesmerising, his passion is real, his ridicule merciless. He can enthral the audience and make the 'Stones of Rome rise and mutiny'.

This is an amazing video, Galloway, the Scotsman, with his great sense of timing and occasion cheered by a Pakistani audience in London; catchy slogans raised by the audience in Urdu, Punjabi and English; followed by an excellent spoof interview by a deadpan young man. It shows you how the world has changed.

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