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Unprecedented protest at Punjab University against treatment of Imran Khan



LAHORE-Premier educational institutions in the City witnessed students rallies against the emergency and IJT’s manhandling and handing over of Imran Khan to the police. More...

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Imran Khan

Black Act

UN Rapporteur Asma Jahangir has said that the amendments made under the Army Act violated human rights and the Constitution. She said granting military courts the authority to try offences from murder to libel reflected the government's lack of confidence in its selected Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) judges.

She said that in order to settle scores with lawyers, human rights activists and defiant journalists, the law was given effect from January 2003. "This also allows the government to legitimise its illegal acts of disappearances carried out by the intelligence agencies with impunity,"

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Illegal Detentions: Saud Memon


Saud Memon owned the property where the remains of Daniel Pearl, the murdered Wall Street Journal correspondent were found in 2002. According to Memon's family, he left for South Africa after this discovery in Ahsanabad, Gadap Town. He was apprehensive of his likely arrest in this high-profile murder case. The FBI arrested him from South Africa on March 7, 2003, kept him at Guantanamo Bay for more than two years and then handed him over to the Pakistani authorities in 2006, according to the family. Memon returned home on April 28, 2007 in a state of extreme emaciation. He was presented to the Supreme Court Bench on May 14 in the forced disappearances case. He was unable to speak as a result of alleged torture and died of 'tuberculosis and meningitis' on May 18, 2007. More

 Dawn, CBS News, Newsline, Co-operative Research


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Washingtonpost Photo Report



Washingtonpost Photo Report 


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Cheif Justice | Judiciary | Lawyers

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry




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Cheif Justice | Judges

Hum Dhaikain Gay!

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Travel Ban on Musharraf

dear all,
please sign this petition if you agree, and forward it to as many NHS doctors as  you can , (whatever their country of origin), with a request to pass it on.
From: Pakistani Doctors in the UK

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