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Talat Hussein on FrontLine


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Kashif Abassi on PkPolitics


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Zardari, Balawal & Amin Faheem-Press Conference

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Heros of Pakistan

Honorable Judges who Refused to take Unconstitutional Oath under President (illegal) Musharraf

Supreme Court Judges: More...


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The Mango Season



JDP would like to share this brilliant e-mail by one of the readers:
By Divine guidance and help, Supreme Court of Pakistan and its most honourable Judges dismissed all the petitions against candidacy of General Pervaiz Musharraf---May God protect him as guardian angel of Pakistan, without whom Pakistan would be nowhere, our atomic bomb could be in the hands of terrorists, there could be total anarchy, there wouldn't be any law or rule of law!! More...

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We Support Geo

Geo News has been taken off air, as the UAE Government has cut their satellite uplink facilities, reportedly under pressure from Musharraf regime. This happens when Mr. Negroponte is visiting Pakistan, to prevent the Empire from unravelling. So far the American efforts have been of damage control. They have given statements of mild rebuke to Musharraf, pussyfooting around the issue of restoration of judiciary, and only emphasizing the need to hold early elections. More...

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Defy the ban on media

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