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Aslafic Rebublic of Bakistan



The President of the Islamic (Sunni, Deobandi, Salafi) Republic of Pakistan.

Dear Brother,

I write to you as a brother, as you have been granted the temporary guardianship of this realm by the Almighty, till the Tehrik  e Taliban (Binnori,Waziri, Mehsudi group) is ready to take over the reins of the government. I write to you in the name of the unity of the Ummah and the forthcoming Khilafah of God on earth. This resurgent and everlasting Khilafah will be appointed by God and myself.

Dear Brother,

It has come to my notice that you are accepting tainted money from the infidels, in a misguided effort to rescue those dying of cholera. Instead, I would advise you to spend your time in prayer and forgo this money which will buy you the fires of hell. We are willing to give you a recompense of 20 million halal, sharia compliant, clean dollars, so that you can spend it on more worthy causes such as going to Umrah with the whole population of Nawab Shah.

What is written will come to pass. Khilafah is our destiny. The worldly systems have failed. Only a divine system can work to save humanity. Praise be to God who has saved so many of the misguided souls in Data Durbar, who would have sunk into the abyss of darkness if they had not been blown up by our martyrdom mission. Praise be to the Almighty who has delivered so many women of ignorance and of the debasing practice of grave worship, since we have dynamited the tomb of Rehman Baba.

We believe in the future. We believe in dynamite. We offer the real solutions based on dynamism and dynamite.  

The west has lost its way. They have no answers. We have all the answers. The western notions of the society are based on materialism, devoid of spirituality. We believe in spiritual enhancement of the population by amputations, beheadings, floggings, stoning to death, digging up of graves and hanging the guilty in public squares, upside down, with educational messages for the populace and the severed head displayed separately.

The floods are a punishment. We must ask God’s forgiveness and submit to His punishment. It is better to die of cholera than to be rescued by a pork eating, ghair mehram, infidel in a Chinook. We must protect our honour. This world is transient and fleeting. We must prepare for the life everlasting. We must kill the infidel and submit to the heroic death by cholera.

All those who help the infidel must also die. All those who commit shirk. All those who commit to democracy. All those who play cricket, watch non- jihadi videos, shave their beards, send their girls to school, don’t send their boys to Madrassa Qasab ul Ulum, discriminate among Sahaba and don’t discriminate between halal and haram. They all must die.

The tidal wave of  Khilafah is coming. Nothing can stand in its way. 

Maulana Azam Tariq the 2nd

Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan

(Hakimullah Group)

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