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Baraking Mad

Extraordinary Rendition

By Hakim Hazik 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Mr Half Truth has described as complete lies and fabrication the claim that the Great Leader, Gen Tinpot has met with Mr Ehud Barak during his recent European Tour. He a press statement he said, that the Government of Pakistan would like to be stated categorically, that 1) The Great Leader never met Mr Barak. 2) It was a chance meeting, in which nothing of substance was discussed and 3)For three hours the only discussion that took place was around the right of self-determination of Palestinians, and a two state solution. It had nothing to do with neutralising the Iranian nuclear programme.

Mr Half Truth also said that the GOP has taken very serious notice of the hooliganism demonstrated by certain segments of British population, during the recent tour of the Great Leader. Some of them held up banners, questioning the Great Leader’s membership of the human species. The GOP finds this obnoxious behaviour very unhelpful and not conducive to amicable inter-state relations. He said that this will do nothing to stop the slide of the UK towards a failed state, (Scotland has already fallen to the separatist SNP), and demanded that the UK government do more in the war against extremism.

The British High Commissioner was summoned to the foreign office and a formal protest was registered. The GOP reiterated its willingness to provide technical assistance to combat such extremism in the UK. This would include recently tested equipment,  such as razor wire and water cannon. A batch of G-3 rifles for crowd control, and hand crafted anti-personnel mines, specially made in the state of the art Wah  Factories for overseas markets, in toy shapes and attractive colours. And also the services of Mr Syed Marwat Ali Shah,the recently decorated  IG of Islamabad for his role in combating extremism.

Although the UK government has shown some progress towards tackling militancy originating in certain sections of its society, such as conducting dawn raids on places of worship like Finsbury Park and Regent Park Mosques, the GOP remains concerned that these efforts show a lack of commitment and conviction. The GOP’s own record has been held up as exemplary by the civilised nations of the world, in this regard, when similar situations have arisen in Islamabad. The British high commissioner was offered the technically advanced materials, available to the GOP, such as bunker-buster bombs, napalm and white phosphorus munitions, for use in these places to flush out extremists.

There was no immediate comment from the UK government, though in the past they have gratefully acknowledged the advisory role of the great Pakistan academic and the world’s leading expert in proportionate and humane use of force in democratic societies, Mr. Altaf Hussein. He has been given an extension in his secondment to the UK, under the auspices of the Commonwealth’s academic exchange programme. He achieved international fame due to the ingenious strategy he devised to control civil unrest on 12th of May 2007

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