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Waziristan Textile Mills

Extraordinary Rendition 

 Hayat Ullah Khan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Mr. Truthful has stated that Mr. Schmidle had to be deported because of the abuse of visa privileges extended to him by the Government of Pakistan. He was here as a researcher, and wrote an article in the New York Times, something that only a journalist should do. This blatant misdemeanour is against all the norms of decency and civilised behaviour. The GOP has taken a very dim view of this. In the past the Government has acted directly to safeguard the integrity of Pakistan, against similar pitiful attempts to undermine it, and the enemies of state have been eliminated in a forceful manner, such as after the assassination of Abu Hamza Rabia. So Mr Schmidle should be grateful for a safe passage.


Another fifth columnist, Mr Ziauddin was taken on directly by the Great Leader, Gen. Tinpot, in a press conferences in London. He told an adoring audience (enjoying the exquisite Hilton cuisine for the token gesture of shouting zindabad.) that Mr Rauf had been taken to a mosque by the Islamabad police, to allow him to make his peace with the Creator, thank Him for the Big Mac, extra large fries and strawberry milkshake, that had been paid for by the police and pray for the long life and prosperity of the Great Leader, when he decided to leave from the back door. Not a big deal. To bring up these matters in forums of international importance is to trivialise the occasion, and to damage the interests of Pakistan, which the Great Leader is trying very hard to promote. For this Mr Ziauddin will get his due deserts in the course of time.

The General, who leads a life of frugal self denial, was entertaining the business elites in opulent surroundings to dispel the myths and lies surrounding the state of security in Pakistan. This has resulted immediate dividends, in the form of foreign direct investment. At the moment mainly by the American aircrafts in the tribal areas. They have invested huge amounts of most modern metal alloys in the local economy, and spread them fairly and evenly with the help of state of the art explosives. The obsolete methods of industrial production are giving way to the white heat of new technology. Many of the old industrial workers, including teachers and school children are being recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

One should not loose sight of the major new industrial textile development by the intrepid entrepreneur, Baitullah Mehsud. Drawing upon the rich tradition of tribal art of weaving small decorative mirrors and precious stones in the garments, Mr Mehsud is boldly experimenting with new materials, such as ball bearings and RDX. His garments have already made a huge impact in major urban centres, such as Lahore and Karachi. His market savvy business envoys are already exploring western markets, where they hope to hold an international fashion festival very soon. The Great Leader advised Mr Gordon Brown to watch the space for this forthcoming demonstration of Pakistani innovative genius.  

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