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Who is Afraid of Ansar Abbasi


Hakim Hazik


Our new generation is being corrupted from the inside. Fifth columnists have infiltrated the Punjab Text Book Board which is being run by the enemies of the ideology of Pakistan. The tree of ideology which was so carefully nurtured by the Shaheed Mustache ul Haq with the help of Tara Masih and brought to ultimate fruition by Syed Drone ul Ummat, Maulana Munawar Hasan, has been hollowed out by no less a person than the Chief Servitor of the masses, the prodigal son of Abbaji, the prodigal husband of three illustrious wives, the builder of the levitating bus, Mian Shehbaz Sharif.


If only I had not lived to see that day. To replace Allama Iqbal with Firaq Gorakhpuri is an act of treason which should be tried under article 6. One can not imagine a worse crime except giving young children polio drops to make them infertile and prevent mujahids like me being born in future. 


Nam Dev Mali was no martyr. Any attempt by Maulvi Abdul Haq to present him as one is misguided and doomed to failure. Maulvi Abdul Haq was an Indian agent working under the cover of Anjuman e Taraqqi e Urdu to undermine Islamic cultre and horticulture. If you want to write about martyrs, why not write about Baitullah Mehsud Shaheed or Ilyas Kashmiri Shaheed or Rashid Rauf Shaheed. They were the true guardians of the ideology of Pakistan and fell prey to the infidel Hellfire missile fired by Abu Jehal, Leon bin Panetta. But no, the Text Book Board has no time of the true heroes of Islam. 


We should all unite against this travesty and marching in goose step, reciting the war poetry of TTP, should take a procession to Misri Shah where we should set alight the houses of infidels, put a bullet in the heads of polio workers and save the ideology of Pakistan from annihilation at the hands of Asma Jahangir. 


I am of the opinion that the entire project was ill conceived and doomed from the start. We should not be wasting the precious peninsular riyals on Urdu text books at all. All the school education should be in Arabic so that we can stay on the straight and narrow path. It is a sign of degradation that the PTV is broadcasting news in Balti and Shana. Gone are the days when Abbaji used to watch Al-Anba and not the local languages of jahiliyya. 


The Islamic ideology is on the retreat. If we continue on this ill conceived pathway, there may come a time when not even the returning officers will be able to save it from extinction. My heart is weeping. I am sure that Shaheed Mustache ul Haq is gnashing his lower jaw in anger as he watches infamy descend on the capital of the Republic. As I sit crying at his mausoleum, I have thought of a cunning plan. I will stick a knife in the ribs of every passerby and ask him to recite Dua e Qanoot. That will save Islam. Inshallah. 


Yours Truly 

Bekar Abbasi 


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