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Yes We Can!

by Omar Ali

Here is my suggestion for the restoration of the judiciary (and believe me, its not as crazy as it looks):
Tomorrow morning or on Wednesday, the various lawyers bodies should announce a time and place from which the lawyers will lead a massive rally towards Islamabad, to liberate the imprisoned chief justice and take him back to his office in triumph. All political parties and members of civil society should be invited to join this great rally.
Who will stop them? The caretaker govt is now dead. Everyone in the administration knows the next govt. will be from the opposition, why would they spoil their Naukri defending an unpopular and departing arrangement?
Once the honorable chief justice reaches his office, he will start working. He was never legally removed. NO LEGISLATION IS REQUIRED TO BRING HIM BACK.
Lota dogar will not dare to say a word. The other lota judges will pretend nothing has happened and will pray they are not kicked out. The newly appointed illegal junior judges will not dare to show their face once the protection of the establishment is withdrawn.
All that is needed is to physically take the honorable CJ back to work. The rest will follow.
Of course, its possible that Zardari sahib will be contacted by Musharraf to try and stop this from happening. IF he has any sense (and i suspect, he does) he will pay NO HEED to the establishment in this matter. People assume that since he could be a victim of rule of law, he will hesitate. But he knows better than anyone that once his party is in power, he has nothing to fear from those cases. Even with an honest judiciary, he cannot be convicted of anything as no evidence will be forthcoming. He no longer needs the NRO. He just has to realize this.
Still, this may not happen because someone has to take the lead and conspirators will try their best to create confusion and division...but it could happen and what a great day it will be if it does.

 Dr. Ali is a Pakistani-American physician, currently Assistant professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at the Medical College of Wisconsin



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