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Analysis In Times Of Carnage

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

The Home Minister has held a press conference. He says that role of RAW in Lahore attacks cannot be ruled out. There can hardly be any doubt the scheming Hindus are working day and night to destabilize the Two Nation theory. First of all they took Kashmir. Now they are shutting down our rivers. The worst blow is that they would not let our boys play in the IPL. This and the vicious attack by Indian composers on Atif Aslam is all you need to know to understand the seriousness of the challenges facing the nation.

This is happening at the time when we are shamelessly showing Indian movies in our cinemas, quite oblivious the fact that uncircumcised imams are taking over our mosques. The future of our cinema and our Ummah is at risk.

Rana Sana Ullah is keeping his eyes on the ball. If it was not due to a few good men like him, we would have gone the way of Andalusia, Samarqand and Bokhara. Because of his valour, he has attracted an army of opponents who have called into question his own circumcision. We decry these false allegations. This is a trick of our enemies, who want to sow dissent and create confusion in the ranks of the faithful. We cannot allow this. We need to be vigilant.

We need to be vigilant because our enemies are spreading viruses through mobile phones. These viruses can enter the brains and reprogramme them, so that we will forget the ideology of Pakistan, strategic depth, Kalabagh dam, Lal Masjid and value added tax. This means that our young men become zombies and pliant tools in the hands of Mossad. They will say good bye to the pillars of Islam and spend the day sending text messages about the head of the state. The will lose respect for lawful authority. This is how we lost East Pakistan.  

The video was fake. This has been proven beyond doubt. After the flogging, the girl got up, changed into jeans and T-shirt and went to Islamabad in her boyfriend’s sports car to claim the money from the Zionist NGO. The mullahs all removed their artificial beards and went to their penthouse office apartments to resume work as venture capitalists. What depths of degradation our enemies will descend to, to malign our true friends, the Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan.

Blackwater has installed close circuit cameras and are watching us all the time. This includes our sensitive installations, run by sensitive agencies headed by sensitive people, resposnsive to our national sensitivities. The CIA is working on a Zionist agenda. We as a nation will not be cowed down. They want to take out our nuclear weapons. They cannot bear the fact that an Islamic power has the means to defend itself against mortal enemies. We will fight them to the end. We will have the support of Al-Qaida who want to support our efforts at non proliferation as recommended by the IAEA.

We will stay one step ahead of the enemies of the Ummah. We know why the Jews did not come to work on 9/11.

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