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Citizen Dogar Wants to Know

Letter from: Ghulam Farooq Dogar 


I am an ordinary Pakistani and have no access to political leadership in Pakistan. It is through all of you, I hope to get access to Pakistan's political leadership in particular to Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister of Pakistan Hon. Yousaf Raza Gilani. I merely want to ask them a few questions, only if they care to consider and answer. I will be very grateful and obliged for your favour.   

Recently Mr Zaradari has rightfully expressed his opinion regarding suspended judges. He is absolutely right when he mentions that stand of Judges has never been about democracy, and that none of judges considered his petition of bail while he was in jail........as they were under pressure from General Pervaiz Musharraf.I am absolutely behind him. But my questions are

1) Why the person who was putting them under pressure is acceptable
and allowed to sit in Army House in the chair of President?
 2) It is obvious what damage General Zia ul Haq did to nation of Pakistan. We are not get out of evil effects after so many years. It is also obvious the damage, this thing what we know by the name of "General Pervaiz Musharraf" and his two stooges namely, Sharif Ud Zin Peerzada and Malik Abdul Qayyum Attorney General of Pakistan, have done to whatever rule of law and constitution was left in Pakistan. Probably damage inflicted by the precedents and examples they have set is going to be even more than Zial ul Haq and God forgive, we may
suffer generations to come. Then why,

a) Malik Abdul Qayyum, in spite of the fact while serving as judge in High court gave judgements against Mr Zardari and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto under pressure from officials and even was caught on tape............is still Attorney General of Pakistan and being
acceptable for the job by PPP leadership.
 b) Why Sharif Ud Din Peerzada is availing all facilities and enjoying
status of advisor to Prime Minister?

3) Were not the politicians in the parliament who endorsed all the actions of past dictators? Are not most if not all the politicians allies of ruling coalition and is not PPP in negotiation with rest of them who have acted as right hand of dictators? If they are acceptable and can be forgiven.........can the judges not forgiven of their mistakes???

4) For how long politicians and political leadership will keep on providing safe passage to dictators? Have they not done for Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, gave immunity to Zial ul Haq by endorsing his actions and now to Pervaiz Musharraf. If dictators can hang elected Prime Minister or take over government and send second elected Prime Minister in exile...........why can't political leadership bring dictator to court? Instead of giving safe passages and soft talks (quoting recent comments by honorable Prime Minister has said after dinner with military officials), why Pervaiz Musharraf is still occupying chair of President of Pakistan with all the powers, instead of being in Jail and facing court for his crimes against constitution and state of Pakistan? If Perzvaiz Musharraf's actions are justifiable, Malik Abudl Qayyum
can be forgiven, Sharif Ud Din Peerzada is allowed to continue to provide his service, wisdom, knowledge, tricks and magic, a blind eye can be turned against the politicians, Sharif brothers can enter into a brotherhood bond and MQM can be invited into the  coalition, I am sure suspended judges of courts can be given a chance.I hope, with kind help from all of you, I might be able to convey my message to Prime Minister of Pakistan and Political leadership of Pakistan as an ordinary hard working citizen of Pakistan.

God Bless Pakistan
Dr Ghulam F Dogar

Dr Dogar is an eye specialist, working in Canada 


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