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By Hakim Hazik

Dr. Amir Hamaqat: Dear viewers, we have all gathered here today to celebrate death. Death for all those who question, doubt or cast aspersions on the absolute, final and unchangeable truth of the message. Those who attempt to malign the message in any way forfeit their right to life and are punishable by death. The truly faithful will not hesitate from beheading any apostates, deviants, heretics and hypocrites, even if they achieved martyrdom in the effort.

We are lucky to have in our studios, noted scholars from around the world to share with us their thoughts on this happy occasion, and to discuss our philosophy of love and peace.


Pundit Ba’al Thakray: Thank you Shri Hamaqat. We have always maintained that there can be no compromise on the question of faith. Those who question the tenets of dharma, have no place in the Motherland; not in this life or in the next. Not in the Kali Yuga or in the Satya Yuga. The birthplace of Lord Rama will be cleansed of all desecrations. Those who offer resistance will be wiped out. The Amarnath Yatra will continue, till all the millions of faithful have blessed themselves with the vision of Shiv Lingum. Those who stand in the way should prepare to die and be reborn as mice. This applies to all the Malachas of this land.


Rev. Cowpat Robertson: As the Angel of the Lord stood guard with a drawn sword at the Holy Temple, we want all the faithful of the world to support the state of Israel. No sacrifices are too big to secure the whole of the Holy Land and to facilitate the second coming of Our Lord and Saviour. Those faithless scum who populate the Land, in the name of 8th century Arab fanaticism should be eliminated without mercy, as they have no right to compare the promise of Lord Balfour with the promise of the Lord himself. The Lord has promised the Land to the Children of Israel and therefore it will be so. Blood will be shed for a holy cause, for the second coming and for the Millennium that will be ever lasting.

Dr Hamaqat: We would like to welcome Rabbi Nutcase Kahane, who can not be here in person because of prior engagements and also because he is dead. He joins us on the phone.

Rabbi Nutcase Kahane: I am very honoured and pleased to join you in your celebration of death. I would like to particularly remind your viewers of the historic sacrifice of Dr Barood Goldstein, who despatched 29 of the vermin who populate the land of Judea and Samaria. These grass hoppers are the members of a fictitious nation that does not exist, and continues to defile the Holy Land. They have no future and will eventually be obliterated. For every Jew a 0.22.

Dr Hamaqat: Pundit ji I have to mention that this is the policy of Geo, that we do not allow knives in the studio, please put that thing away or back into your armpit. This applies to you as well Reverend. Please put that gun away. Please don’t shoot. Plea.....

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