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Lota Nama

 Extraordinary Rendition

O brethren of earthenware

We are assembled here

To sit and ponder how and where

We are to take our future fare

We have been screwed by fate 

We may roar or we may squeak

We may be  traded down the creek

But we must turn the other cheek

And never ever should we leak

Secrets of the state 

The moving finger having writ

Moved on and never thought it fit

To bother about those who were hit

Statecraft is a total twit

I have realised of late 

There was no gas, no atta sir

Then there was the massacre

The Red Mosque burning like tinder

My voters did a runner

I even lost my money mate 

Your long arm, my big arm

The law minister’s famous charm

Were not enough to stem the harm

Or to quell acute alarm

I’ve lost my itch at any rate 


By Hakim Hazik

JDP will be happy to publish any other lota namas 



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