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Meera And The Future Of Pakistan

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

These are trying times. There is no doubt about it. But the great nations of the world go through trying times and come out victorious. The crucible of adversity turns them into gold. Our mettle has been tested time and time again and every time the goddess of success has kissed our feet. However seldom have we faced such existential threats and dastardly attacks on the national integrity such as the attack on Meera’s marriage.

The sensitive agencies are on the case. We owe our peace and prosperity to the sensitive agencies. These ever vigilant stalwarts are always on the lookout. Men, who for truth and honour’s sake have stood fast and suffered long. Always standing guard against internal and external aggression. They will root out any threats to the national security, such as songs by Naseebo Lal, dances by Anjuman Shehzadi and the attempts to cast aspersions on the marriage of national icons like Meera.

Tamil tigers are suspected to be involved. Mahesh Bhatt is definitely involved. The involvement of Moro National Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf Group has not been ruled out. A special party is leaving for Sri Lanka, ostensibly to interview the cricket team. Of course, we know that the actual mission is to foil the attack on Meera’s marriage.  

Where the national security interests are at stake, the sensitive agencies are very sensitive. They will brook no interference and leave no stone unturned. They will bug the bedrooms of Maulanas and the Justices. They will help neophyte politicians find their feet. They will create designer label political parties. Money is  no object. National interest is supreme. They will shoot all the people with the surname Mengal in the back of the head.

Atiq ur Rehman says he has spent five crores on Meera. We would say to him, ‘spend more’. Go to the IMF. Go to the Friends of Pakistan. Increase the tax to GDP ratio. Brigadier Imtiaz says he has spent thirty five lakhs on Nawaz Sharif. We would say to him, ‘spend more’. Go to Khaled Khawaja, go to Usama Bin Laden, go to King Abdullah. Get oil on deferred payments. Nation building is not a joke.

Staying married to Meera is not a joke. It requires self sacrifice. It requires foreign direct investment. It requires an IMF bailout package.

We have a world class command and control system. Nobody can point a finger at the quality of this system. Our strategic assets are in safe hands. Meera is our strategic asset, the only one we have deployed with success on enemy territory. There is a threat from the Americans to secure our strategic assets, if there is risk of them falling into the hands of Taliban. We have stated repeatedly and categorically that the people and the armed forces of Pakistan will not allow it. Atiq ur Rehman will not allow it. Maulana Makki will not allow it.

The Taliban have been routed in Swat. A great future awaits Pakistan. This future has Meera in it.


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