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Sarkari or awami

For awami (peoples) representation elections have to be free and fair under the watchful eyes of the law otherwise only sarkaris (officials) will get elected. Election is a big circus to seek electoral credibility. The political parties' desire power while the khaki-baboo alliance seeks continuity of status quo. The electorate is disillusioned and will not come to the streets as most leaders have lost trust. 

Lines have to be clearly drawn between the pro and anti-establishment leaders. Under the existing conditions participation in an election farce will strength the pro-establishment forces while a boycott will produce major dents. For the first time in half a century cracks have appeared in the khaki-baboo empire and its collapse is imminent. With the help of the civil society the judiciary can very well contain the establishment for civilian institutions to re-emerge. No country can survive without fully functional institutions. The khakis will have to return to the barracks and baboos to their secretariats under the rule of law and constitutional authority exercised by duly elected people's representatives.
In 1977 an election cell was created to manipulate the electoral process. Since then every election (1985,1988,1990,1992,1997,2002) has been rigged bringing bad name to democracy. The process has been seriously flawed. Judiciary by and large has gone along with the establishment with occasional defiance. This political cell has to be shut down to protect the democratic order. It is a great tragedy that Zulfikar A Bhutto (ZAB) was misguided in establishing this evil, and anti-democracy machination.
Now another tragedy is in the making. The anti-establishment party of ZAB is being used to prop up the same evil networks that assassinated him. The party was founded on an anti-establishment platform and has survived because of its defiance not conformance.
Over the years the establishment has succeeded in producing a subservient political leadership now it is out to neutralise defiant leaders. Over half a century of struggle and sacrifice will be wasted if the evil designs of the empire prevail. The political cell was created to contain and control anti-establishment politicians and advance the careers of pro-establishment leaders. 
After Ayub's fall the 1970 election was the first to be held on the basis of one man one vote or adult franchise. The establishment plan was simple it did not directly intervene in the electoral process rather it relied on the divisions between the political forces. The unexpected sweep of Awami league in East and PPP in West Pakistan upset the dynamics. The resultant civil war and surrender brought the empire crashing down and Quaid's Pakistan was dismembered. 
ZAB moved quickly towards constitution and rule of law. The 1970 assembly passed two constitutions (1972 and 1973). Till 1975 the establishment was contained and was involved in rebuilding or regrouping. A new formula was presented. Awami backed by sarkari. ZAB fell into the establishment trap. The most able house in the history of Pakistan was dissolved before its term and elections held in 1977 which were then disputed and a combined opposition movement started. The establishment was back in the saddle to control and manipulate the democratic order. Once again Pakistan turned khaki from green.
The sarkari league was created by the establishment in 1958 under the name of Pakistan Muslim League (convention). After the party less elections in 1985 it re-emerged as PML (Junejo) and then PML-N. After the fourth military rule in 1999 it was named PML-Q.
Election on January 8, 2008 will produce another subservient assembly that will push Pakistan in the establishment strangle hold. Everyone seems to be watching personal or party interests at the cost of freedom and future of the motherland. Without the restoration of the rule of law there is no future, the legal community has realised their importance and is unwilling to compromise. The political parties are under pressure to get back to the corridors of power. The lawyers and the civil society is left to contain the establishment. What should be their course for the long-term sustainability of the country?
Massive public boycott of the January 08, 2008 elections is the only option left for the anti-establishment forces. The deserted polling stations will convert the election into a referendum against the establishment and the sarkari politicians who are part of this farce. It is difficult to draw the people out on the streets but it is much easier to keep them in their houses. After the lifting of emergency the pro-democracy forces must unite and start a mass campaign to keep the voters away from the polling stations.
The writ of the state is in fact the will of the people. No state can survive against the wishes of its own people. The people of Pakistan have to establish their writ by keeping away from the elections. Without the judiciary and due process neither the elections can be held nor the writ of the state lawfully enforced.
Now that Pervez Musharraf is out of uniform he represents no one. His undemocratic acts can no longer be defended. His options are very limited. Complete restoration of the rule of law by free and fair elections is the best course for him and the nation. The people can exercise their will by keeping away from the elections.



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