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The People Have Spoken

Transcultural Dialogues


Gen. (Retd.) Tinpot: Dot, Buddy stop licking Maulana’s face. I do apologise Maulana. I am not sure what has got into them since 18th of February. They have become very disobedient.  I think they have got fleas, or maybe they have been bitten by another bug. There are strange creatures everywhere. I saw Kashif Abbasi on the telly yesterday  

Maulana Oil Tanker: Yes General Sahib, there is something in the air. DI Khan used to be such a traditional society. People used to be trusting and deferential. On a quiet day you could go out to Tank, burn CD shops, kill the deputy commissioner and his family, and come home in the evening, content and fulfilled. Not any more. The town has been taken over by Kundi and his minions. Terror stalks the streets. People walk with arrogance in their step, a sneer on their face, and insolence in their eyes. Bannu is the only sanctuary for the pious.  

G: Look at this girl Jemima. Comes from a decent family. I called her over to tell her that she had no business mixing with the non English speaking riffraff on the streets of London and holding up silly placards. Can bring the family into disrepute. I asked her to write down ‘I will not hold up placards with the riffraff’, a hundred times. And what does she do? She goes out and writes this vicious article in the Independent. You know the vindictive and spiteful western journalists, they get fixated on catchphrases. Whereas they used to throw in my face ‘visa for rape’ now they are coming up with ‘scum of the earth’  

M: No sense of proportion General Sahib. You know, we have offered to work with whichever party forms the Government. As they were not forthcoming, we held a marathon plenary session with all 5 of our parliamentarians. It was not an easy decision, but for the sake of democracy and peace we have come to the historic and momentous decision that we will sit in the opposition, unless asked to be part of the government. We have to accept the will of the people.  

G: Indeed, the will of the people should prevail. Look what people are saying. Mr Bush has spoken, Ms Perino and Mr McCormick have spoken, Mr. Boucher has spoken. Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Hunt have spoken, non stop. The people have spoken their mind. The voice of the people should be heard.

by Hakim Hazik

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