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The Revolution Has Come

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik

Mabarkan to all brathers and sisters in Gypt. Revolution has come. Mabarak is gaan. I have put bhangra all night. This is a gareat day for all peepal who luv damo cracy. Nawab Din says that he is still worried bout Journal Tanta V. I am saying farget journal wurnals. Their tanta is finished. Gaan. Never to come back.  

We share so much with Gypt. We are sister Slamic nations. We bey Gaad and we bey Mreeka. Gaad moves in mysterious ways. Mreekans also move in mysterious ways, yuyuly on diplomatic passports. They come sometimes when they have nat been nvited and they want to leave when we want them to stay. I think so, they are mental.

They did nat notice that the Iranians were gain and gain looking at their watches and yawning in 1979. They still did nat want to leave. Till thusday Weesnar sahib was saying that Bhyan Mabarak should stay. I think so Bolton sahib has some loose nuts in his head. But sir ji, Sister Hillary should know better. She should nat shoot off her mouth, as brather Davis shoots off his hip.

I think so Brather Mabarak still has diplomatic passport. He can come to Pakistan and claim munity. Between you and me, you do nat need a diplomatic passport in Pakistan to claim munity. All you need is a khaki unifaram and book a tickat with Sensitive Travellers Ltd. I am fraid, I cannot comodate him in my Choonamandi house. Miansab has a slightly bigger house in Raiwind. He may be able to help.

We share an ancient history with Gypt. Our history is also full of pharaohs. The last great pharaoh was Journal Zia. He was full of piety and murder. We share the Brotherhood with Gypt. I think so the greatest gift far the peepal af Gypt at this histaric cayun would be if we gave them Maulana Munawwar Sun. It will strengthen the baands af fariendship between the two countries. Fram the maadren base of Al Azhar, Maulana Sahib can laanch tack an Sweezerland and France and liberate Aafia Siddiqi ar become a shaheed trying.

We could also present Bhyan Altaf to the great sister nation at this critical time in their history. Bhyan could settle in Alexandria and make the ancient port city a heaven an earth, just like Karachi. This is the right time as Bhyan has been calling far a Farench revolution which has come. His skills are needed so that Alexandria could make rapid pragress in the industries af cantract killings, protection rackets, narcotics and land grabbing, to bring it at par with advanced nations such as ours.

Very soon they will have three hundred and fifty satellite channels showing breaking news. There will be taak shows where peepal will thrattle one another an live TV. The barave peepal af Gypt truly deserve these blessings. The time af damo cracy has come.




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