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A Goat in Islamabad

Tuzk e Jahangiri

Hakim Hazik


Sir ji, it has been a lang time. The last time the Shriek Chairman sat in a helicopter was when he went to visit the late Shriek Shriek Chairman in the shatoo in Paris. There was a hue and a cry and a total siyapa by the media. Naoo, it is a different balls game. Miansab is in the Prime Minster’s house and the helicopters can come and go, like flies on the koonda of Nawab Din halwai. Nobody asks anymore, Oye, ‘How many teeth you ’av in your mouth?’  



Damo cracy is still a cycle. It will be many more than thirty five panchers before it becomes a BMW and can run on a motorway to Raiwind. It is nat going to run between Bombay and Bukhara any time soon. You can sign any MFN greements and give them whatsoever names, but the Corps Commanders need to preserve their pride and dignity, same to same as their golf and country clubs. 



Brother Gilani was nat so lucky. He had to kiss Choisaab’s independent and restored feet and still had to go home in the end. His son is nat coming home anytime soon though. Brother Haqqani was nat so lucky either. He was visited by the angels aaf Gaad and put aan the exit control list. He could naat go to the AFIC and have nihari and angiogram aan the same day. 


Khwaja Sahib can run but he cannot hide. He can make lang lang sapeaches when he is in the opposition but when he is the defence minister, Journal Bajwa will write the sapeach. He can shed tears on the missing persons when he is in the apposition but naoo he knows the rate of flour and lentils. He becomes a lion in Quetta and a bakri in Slamabad. 


The helicopter is also flying to please Journal Bajwa. The journal sahib will keep the people he wants to keep. Troublesome judge sahibs, like Choisab will be kept out. Shahi Qila and will be same as in the days of Shaitan Zia ul Haq. People like your brother will still be picked up in the middle aaf the night and taken to Kot Lakhpat Jail. But the sad part is that it is the parliyament who are passing the bill. They have neither wisdom nor death. They are naat even ashamed. They will end up eating the onions and the shoes. 


I think so, giant statements are good. Miansab and Shriek Chairman have just passed one.  Mran is sleeping. Whoever he is sleeping with is nat a friend af damocracy. He has been sniffed by the snake. Where is the rule af la naoo? Mullah Mrs. Saga is an the march again. You will see that Defence af Pakistan Council will soon start holding jalsa at the yadgar. Then Journal Bajwa will issue a statement telling who who is a patriot. 


I will also ply far a certificate. 


Yours Truly


Former Secty Journal


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