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Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

Praise be to God, whose rule has been established in the valley and soon will be established in that capital of sin and rebellion, Islamabad. The infidels and hypocrites have been expelled from the valley of the faithful. Those who transgress against the rules of God will soon be exterminated. Those who trample upon the divine laws will be trampled upon in turn. Those who stick their neck out will have their throats slit. Sovereignty belongs to one True God, the beneficent, the merciful.

Democracy is evil. It leads to treachery and debauchery. Those who adhere to this dangerous creed are enemies of the True Faith. They will be wiped out utterly and completely. How can the laws made by man equal the rules made by God? How can human wisdom emerge from the brains of two hundred donkeys? I call upon all the faithful not to be led astray by these knaves and fools, who are out to undermine the True Faith. God in his wisdom has created the punishments for those who transgress against him. Those who call them brutal, question the wisdom of God. They forfeit their faith and will have no place in the community of the faithful.

We are on the way to create the divine society. Women of dubious character will be flogged publicly by pious, god fearing men, with compassion and a sense of duty in their hearts. School teachers, who defy the dictates of the emirate and continue to spoil the character of the young, will be shot in the back of the head, by the Ministry of The Enforcement of Virtue And Prevention of Vice. Leery old men who pose as men of God will be dug up from their graves and hung from lamp posts. Those who want to emasculate the Ummah, by giving polio drops to the young will be hung and quartered and displayed to the public. This is how the emirate of the True faith will be established in world and the sinful democracy will be banished forever.

We are the chosen among the communities of the world. This is the promise of God. Look what happens when nations act in defiance of the laws of God. What you get is the breakdown of society. Women start going out without covering their face. They start going to school. They start earning money. They start getting medical treatment. Their virtue is compromised. How can a man of conscience let this happen? If you do nothing the whole structure of Faith will come crashing down.

We will wage a jihad to protect the True Faith, the True Path and the True law. We will end rebellion and lawlessness from the world. If we achieve martyrdom in this effort, we will consider ourselves lucky. Martyrdom is the heart’s desire and destiny of the faithful; not the loot and not the empire.

Mohammad Fazlullah

Emir of the Islamic Emirate of Malakand (including Kohistan)

Qazi ul Qazat

Darul Darul Darul Qazat   

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