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Jawbone Square, Islamabad

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

This is a war to end all wars. Aasia must die. There cannot be any reprieve to the people who do not adhere to the national ideology. The national ideology is to kill. To kill the religious minorities. To kill the religious majorities. To kill in the name of religion. To kill in the name of nationalism. To kill in the name of staying alive.

The Governor has forfeited the right to live. He goes against the national vision and aspirations. He goes and talks to a common criminal convicted in a court of law. The law must be upheld. Has he ever been to a mosque? If he had been to a mosque, he would have been blown up by now by my colleagues in Jhang and this conversation would not have been necessary. But no; he does not go to the mosque. He goes to the lock-up and talks to this criminal, a mother of five, kept alive on the largesse of the Punjab government.

The Governor is spreading mischief and disorder in the province. Whereas yours truly has ensured that we benefit from the experience of our partners in governance, the Sipah e Sahabah, in ensuring peace and brotherhood, he goes around sowing seeds of rebellion and apostasy.

The law of blasphemy can never be repealed. It was put in place by our leader and Imam, Hazrat Zia ul Haq Shaheed, (may his jawbone rest in peace). He was the founding father of democracy, freedom, and prosperity in Pakistan. He was the visionary who put the nation on the firm footing of ideology, so that we can live in perpetual peace and harmony among ourselves and with our neighbours. The law of blasphemy is the bedrock of our existence. It is the force that binds the nation together. I am sure that the Shaheed is watching us with satisfaction from his heavenly abode, as listens to Benjamin Sisters on his heavenly stereo.

I know that Sahibzada Sahib wants to detach my skin with sharp hooks. But I would like to say to him that the long march was not necessary. We must find a common ground so that the killings can stop. We must not kill in the mosques. We should not kill in the shrines. We should only kill young mothers of five, so that the law and order can be restored in the society and we can all benefit from the Auqaf funds. These funds can easily pay for a ticket to the UN where Sahibzada Sahib should go to protest against the Babri Masjid decision and French Burqa ban. Ours is a religion of peace.

I want to say to the Sahibzada Sahib, Naeemi Sahib, and all other brothers baying for my blood, that once we are done with the mischief makers like Aasia Bibi, we should concentrate on building shopping plazas, in the spirit of public welfare, as enjoined by our great religion and in accordance with the LDA rules. At all times we must obey the injunctions of the High Court about the size of our ambitions and the size of our plazas.

Rana SU Khan

Ministry of Law

Govt of the Punjab

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