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Message from Justice Wajihuddin


Honorable Justice Wajihuddin Ahmad has requested the public to share their suggestions for any peaceful steps/tactics/ways that could help make the movement for restoration of rule of law more effective.

Creative and innovative yet rational and practical ideas, focusing to spread the message to masses, giving the movement some momentum, getting maximum people of all colours of community involved, keeping in view the hurdles on the way, will be really appreciated.

Please post your suggestions here as comments. These will be compiled and sent to HJWA for consideration in their meetings with other leaders of the movement.

In a statement to Pakistan Politics, Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, has disclosed that it has been communicated to him indirectly that the leadership of the lawyers movement for the restoration of the judiciary and rule of law, is likely to become the next target for elimination, by the same anti-state, anti-democracy elements that were responsible for Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

He appeals to all Pakistanis to join him in his prayers for the safety of members of the lawyer community, and the future of Pakistan.


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